Blog - June 2023

29-6-2023 - 10:06 PM

Song of the day: Twice - Dance The Night Away

Today had two "big" excitements: firstly, I went to the library with my mum and sat around whilst she volunteered, just like old times, and chatted with all the regulars. It was really fun! I read some and played some Stardew Valley, and it was generally lovely. Then, we went to Mickey D's for lunch and got Grimace's birthday meal. I got the Big Mac, and I don't think I'd ever had a Big Mac before! And my mum got the McNuggets. After my burger and fries, I was stuffed, and so we waited a while for our milkshakes. But they were blueberry shakes, and were, though not terribly exciting, rather lovely. And I wrote quite a lot this afternoon! It was really fun and I really must write a lot more often. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

28-6-2023 - 10:05 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Fine

Today was kinda boring as well. I submitted another job application, put up some new posters in my room, read some, and just generally chilled about. But sadly I forgot to write some on my novel, and I also forgot to write my little cousin a letter, so I need to do both those things tomorrow. I just kind of sat around for a while. I also want to play Stardew Valley tomorrow, and of course I also want a boyfriend, and a job as well. I'm sick of these gnats flying around. Ugh. I'll talk to all y'all tomorrow. G'night!

27-6-2023 - 9:58 PM

Song of the day: H.O.T. - Hope

Today was pretty boring. The main exciting things are that my parents and I went out to dinner as usual, I called my Nan and I submitted two job applications. One's for a place I don't really like that much, but they automatically sent me an e-mail to schedule an interview so I might do it. The other, I think I'd like a tonne more, but I feel like it might be a bit less likely. (I don't exactly want to reveal them yet, but stay tuned!) So yeah, that's my day. Pretty meh. I'll talk to all y'all later!

26-6-2023 - 10:03 PM

Song of the day: Subtle Sexuality feat. 'Nard Dog and introducing Mr. Understood - Male Prima Donna

I started working on another job application today, and I'm almost done! I basically just need to copy paste some stuff in from my resumé and that'll be that. Anyways, besides that, I sent an e-mail, took a walk on the treadmill and chillaxed, including playing some Splatoon! I also tried a whipped yogourt just now, and it was... interesting. I think it's decently good, but I think it'd be better cold, like it recommends on the pot. I also tried some things from the Korean market: some microwave tteokbokki, which I thought was a pretty good snack, although tremendously spicy; a beef noodle cup, which was rather good indeed; and some of these sweet chili flavoured cylindrical chips, which were also really good! They were nice and subtle as well, and not in-your-face with the spice.

Anyways, it's been a pretty nice day. And a new observation: I think I'm just a really colourful person! As in I love things that are colourful. If I had to live in one of those grey "farmhouse" houses, which look nothing like any farmhouse in either of my farming families, I'd just die of boredom. I especially love colourful tech! Apparently, Dell has a cute purple gaming laptop, and there's also a cute pink one from Razer, but that's about the only cute coloured laptops I could find. Everything's so "sleek" and boring! But yeah, rant over. I'll talk to all y'all later!

25-6-2023 - 10:10 PM

Song of the day: H.O.T. - Candy

Today's been a rather productive day. I spent about 3 and a half hours, plus or minus a bit, tidying my room, and I think there's been a noticeable improvement! I moved some trinkets around and rearranged the "desk" (card table) in my room that the G3 iMac's on, and the shelves next to it. I also ran some errands with my mum, including a stop at the Korean market, where I bought strawberry Vitamilk (my tradition whenever I go there), some cylindrical, sweet chili-flavoured chip snacks, some tteokbokki and a bunch of types of instant noodles, ramen and otherwise! There's this especially interesting one that's supposed to be eaten cold, called Bibimmen or something like that. I'm really looking forward to trying all of these out, especially the tteokbokki! I remember Hoyoung's One Fine Day, a vlog from a good while back by Hoyoung from Verivery in which he sets out to find the best tteokbokki he can. I wonder how it'll be! Anyways, I ended up seeing some cute guys at the supermarket. Why is it always at the supermarket, and specifically the one I go to and never any others? Anyways, thought of the day: what happened to all the colourful laptops? (I sound like Lorelai Gilmore with anvils there.) I miss when laptops were bright and colourful! But anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

24-6-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: Apink - My My

Today's been a pretty good day! I didn't get to post yesterday, but the gist of it is I helped with sorting photos and that kind of stuff, and especially got to wrangle little #4, who refused to lay down for a nap and thus ended up very grumpy. I also learned how to drive a fourwheeler, courtesy of #2! And got a couple of old photos, as well as a tonne of recycling. And then today, my mum and I went to pick up something she bought in an auction, and I ended up discovering that it was, drumroll please: a G3 iMac that she bought for me! Photo below. And then we went to a yard sale and an estate sale, and I got three tops, (two are really cute, including a super 90s looking turtleneck! The other isn't my favourite ever, but it'll make a nice pyjama top, whuch I think is what it's supposed to be anyways.) a purple flower brooch, a lavender bracelet, some purple clip-on earrings and a copy of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies!

And then we had a nice lunch out, and went back home and did some work around the house. I ended up burning a copy of Mac OS 9.2.1 to a CD and trying to install it, but I think the G3 iMac's hard disk and optical drive have both gone kaput. But anyways, now my mum and I are watching Cars. It's pretty good! I like all the town cars. (No pun intended!) Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

22-6-2023 - 8:42 PM

Song of the day: Gfriend - Mago

I'll tell y'all the big thing today in a bit to manufacture suspense, but beside that, I watched The Office and cried because it was when a certain main character left. (No spoilers!!!) And I shortened my walk this morning because it was indecently hot!! Gotta love this time of the year. I also tried my mother's copycat version of Olive Garden's chicken-mozzarella-pepper-basil flatbread (without the alfredo sauce because my mother doesn't like it) and it was quite nice indeed!

Anyways, the big thing: I got my permit, at long last!!!!!! And the highway patrol officer at the registration desk marked my sex as female on the paperwork (he didn't see my birth certificate) which was really cool! But then I embarrassed myself a little on the road sign test because, despite knowing the use of the sign and what it signifies, I didn't call the lane merge sign the merge sign, though I still passed anyways. Also, I was a little iffy on my far left on the vision line test, but I passed it either way. Anyways, today was super neat! I'll talk to all y'all later!

21-6-2023 - 10:01 PM

Song of the day: McLeod's Daughters theme song

Today was the last day of horse camp! Blue and I started by grooming, and actually had grooming to do unlike yesterday. And then we rode, and not only did I replicate my sitting trot from yesterday, once again riding Tigger, but I did a posting trot, where you stand up and sit down in your stirrups! It was really lovely. And then I covered a wooden horse with washi tape during our break in the tents. Then, after lunch, we all tried riding bareback, and I did pretty well! And then there was a slip and slide, but neither Blue nor I brought a swimsuit, (I don't think I would've felt very comfortable in a swimsuit around them anyways) and so Blue's mother picked us up and we tagged along at Aldi's! The credit cards didn't work, but beside that it was a nice visit. And then we stopped at a boba place and I didn't get boba, but what I think is basically a slushie with dairy in it. I got a strawberry banana flavoured one and it was delicious! And then I was dropped off at home and I've chillaxed. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

20-6-2023 - 10:08 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Forever 1

Today at camp, I learned to trot! Although the first horse I rode today, Tigger, sometimes had a mind of his own and decided to wander, and the horse I rode during games, Patty, just refused to stop. I probably should have pulled on the reins but I forgot to at the time. So yeah, I made a slight fool of myself with those two things, but beyond thatt it was fun! We went to see a mare barn, and Blue and I chatted, especially because there weren't any horses free tog room when we were supposed to groom. Also, for games two people on horseback were supposed to throw water balloons between one another and catch them, and I was decent at catching and terrible at throwing. We also did around the world, which is where you turn around fully in your saddle. It was all rather fun! So yeah, I'm looking forward to tomorrow. Toodles!

19-6-2023 - 9:46 PM

Song of the day: Sunny from Girls' Generation - First Kiss

Today was my first day of horse camp! The highlights: I learned to start and stop, and turn, and mount and dismount and all that, and rode for about 30 minutes; one of the helpers turned out to be an old classmate, though Blue (who's doing the camp with me) and I didn't say hi; we mucked a lot, though that's not exactly a highlight; we groomed and made little posters; I'm in a group with Blue; we played a game practicing emergyncy dismount and one practicing balance; and I had a tonne of fun in general! Also, sadly one of my adult fish died. We have a real overpopulation problem. Anyways, I'm super excited for tomorrow's camp! I'll talk to all y'all later!

18-6-2023 - 9:56 PM

Song of the day: Blackpink - Lovesick Girls

This morning it rained super hard! It was sprinkling when I left for my walk, so I, thankfully, took an umbrella, because it started pouring halfway through! So I had to book it back to my house, and I even heard thunder on the way home! And at some low points in the sidewalk, there must've been at least a centimetre of water. My socks and shoes were completely wet when I got home, and my shorts and shirt were somewhat wet. Thankfully, however, my iPod was okay! Anyways, I curled up in my beanbag chair (which we filled up today) and read for a while, and in the afternoon, amongst other things, I dropped off my very first job application! We also got $50 worth of Chinese food for $30 for supper for Father's Day, because of some sale. Also, I ran into a classmate! By which I mean I saw his back half as he was walking out the door. Anyways, today was a really good day! I'll talk to all y'all later!

17-6-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: ABBA - Dancing Queen

Yesterday, I visited my Grannie, and helped a little around the house, drove around in a jitney with my cousin #2, who was on a fourwheeler, chatted with #2, and ended up looking at #2, #3 and #4's ducklings and playing with them with them. Anyways, those are the highlights; we stopped at some relatives' house afterwards and didn't finish chatting until 8:00, and stopped at McDonald's on the way home, so we got home at 9:30. Anyways, today, my mum and I went through some crap and got rid of some, and went to a "grown up book fair" that we didn't realize was 18+ only and had booze, though I still got in. It turned out underwhelming, though I found a nice top, a hat that fits me (!!!) and a book for myself, and one for a gift. Anyways, afterwards we went to the library and I checked stuff out, and then we went grocery shopping, and at home we failed to open a bean bag to refill it, and then I struggled to get a poster hung up, though I eventually did! But washi tape and the paper clip method failed, so I had to put post-its on the back, and tape the post-its with scotch tape. But that's it. Toodles till tomorrow!

15-6-2023 - 9:53 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Dancing Queen

Today's been pretty relaxed! Really, I didn't do much besides play Nintendo, finish up that job application---I just have to decide what e-mail to use, decide if I want to put Lizzie under "preferred name", and deliver it!---and sit about. So yeah. It's getting a little hotter, which is annoying, but hopefully it'll be back to being cool soon! And hopefully I get this job! I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

14-6-2023 - 9:57 PM

Song of the day: Subtle Sexuality - Male Prima Donna

Today I worried still a little less, chillaxed, played some more Super Mario World (and struggled to get out of that dang Illusion Circle thingie!!!) and worked some more on a job application, and finished my Verivery webshrine, at least for now, and also watched some TV! But I watched an episode where a character gives birth, which got me real bummed out for a while over the whole I-will-never-be-able-to-have-biological-children-with-my-husband thingie. (If, God willing, I manage to find a husband.) So I was pretty bummed out for a while, but I'm better now! But I keep accidentally procrastinating going on my walk in the morning, and also replying to an e-mail from a friend! (Sabrin, if you're reading this, I'm sorry!!!) But yeah. I'll talk to all y'all later! (BTW, did all y'all hear that Pat Sajak is leaving Wheel of Fortune? It's a weird world we live in these days.)

13-6-2023 - 9:52 PM

Song of the day: Subtle Sexuality - Male Prima Donna

Today was pretty decent. I still worried some, but rather less, and I worked on a job application! And I chillaxed a while. Really nothing revolutionary. I daydreamed a bit about some characters from The Office as well. And some annoying stuff happened: I kept meaning to call my Grannie but forgot, and the bow on my scrunchie fell off, though thankfully I found it. Also, I played some Super Mario World on my Switch! But that's about it. I'll talk to all y'all later!

12-6-2023 - 9:53 PM

Song of the day: Sistar - I Swear

Today, the weather was really nice! The temperatures was perfect. Although I did sadly cut my walk short this morning, because I started worrying. See, a few years ago I constantly listened to music way too loud for too long, and I really should've stopped but I didn't in time, and so I have a bit of tinnitus. It's not super terrible, and, as far as I can tell, it hasn't gotten worse in quite a while, but it's still that type of thing that you don't notice normally, but every once in a while I just sudddenly notice it and I get pretty worried about it for a couple days, but hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow!

But that's not the point of today! We went to search some more for riding boots. We went to another branch of one of the farm stores we went to yesterday, and found one I could get my foot into, but it was very uncomfortable, so those were my last resort boots. But then went to a shoe store, and found a really nice pair! So we'll have to return the others, but oh well. And I tried another poster with the paperclip technique, turning them differently and leaving less space, and it worked! So yeah, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

11-6-2023 - 9:57 PM

Song of the day: Wonder Girls - Tell Me (Rap Version)

Today's been pretty weird but pretty good! It's been nice, grey, cloudy and rainy all day! And so my walk this morning was really nice. And on the trail, I smiled and waved at this guy, who, from what I could tell, was handsome, and he said I was cute, so I was pretty giddy all the way home. Guys don't compliment me so this was a big development!! And then after lunch, my mum and I confirmed that I can do this horse riding camp, and my mother and I then went to two farm stores looking for riding boots that fit but we could only find work boots that fit, sadly.

And then, this afternoon, we went through a bunch of school stuff and sorted out what I did and didn't need, and then I tried putting up posters in my room using a paperclip technique. Basically, you put paperclips on the corners and have a little overhang so you can put the clips there and not damage the poster. Sadly, it was kind of iffy, so I don't think it's the best technique. But I got to have a doughnut for breakfast and one after dinner because of the doughnuts my mum brought home yesterday! So today was pretty good, overall. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

10-6-2023 - 9:53 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Smile With You ()

Today's been a pretty wacky day! I slept well last night, so I wasn't tired, at least until my nap---more on that later. Anyways, I really just sat around for part of the morning, as usual, and then my walk was a little shorter than the past few, but on the way back I saw signs that there were two yard sales nearby! I'd seen them before but had kind of forgotten, but after taking a little break to let my feet rest, I headed on over! And for $3 (!) I bought: a neck pillow for when I go down to my Grannie and Grandpapa's, as well as other long car trips; some of that lined paper for schedules; a CD binder to put the DVDs we record in since we don't have space for all of them in proper cases; and a magnet of Hawaii that I bought as a gift for my Grannie!

And then I got home, and surfed the Net for a while, and then I went to lay on the couch around 1:30 to read a little before lunch, and ended up falling asleep accidentally and I woke up at 3:00! So my whole day was thrown off, and I didn't have lunch until 4:00, and I was grumpy and tired for a little bit. But then I watched some telly, and it really didn't feel like it was the evening! And I feel better now. But I suppose that's how it is sometimes. And my mum brought home some doughnuts from an event at her work today, which was really sweet! No pun intended. But today was weird, but I suppose pretty good. I'll talk to all y'all later!

9-6-2023 - 9:49 PM

Song of the day: Minx - Why Did You Come To My Home?

Today was pretty fun! My mum and I went down to my Grannie and Grandpapa's for the day, and once again the oldest of the normal 3 (we'll call him #2 for the purposes of this blog, because he's the second oldest of the four on this side, but the oldest lives in Colorado) and my Grannie were the only ones there. We had sandwiches for lunch, and then sat around for a tiny bit. I'd brought my laptop to do something for my Grannie on-line, and so I sent my friends an e-mail, and of course, they responded on Discord instead. (I miss good IM services! Discord sucks but sadly, it's what everyone uses. )

And then we went into town! They have a dentist that goes into town occasionally, so my Grannie got a cleaning today, and whilst my Mum stayed there with her, #2 and I went to the local library. It was rather nice! They had a larger selection of books that are of interest to me than I thought they would, though they also had Spare. They also had Red, White and Royal Blue, which shocked me, since it's in a rather conservative area. Anyways, after browsing around, we walked around outside, and discovered for ourselves that there really wasn't anything to do, besides a couple of old shops that were---no offence---rather run-down. Apparently, after Walmarts came to neighbouring towns, most of the shops in town went out of business, which is really sad! It definitely looked like it wasn't really of its former glory.

Anyways, we winded up walking to the dollar store, and walking around for a little bit. Sadly, my daydreams of happening upon a dreamy guy in the dollar store didn't come true. And then we ended up stopping at the gas station, where I got one of the long doughnuts, that turned out to be cream-filled, my mum got an apple pire and #2 got a frozen Coke and a slice of pizza. We stopped by the cemetery on the way home to see if my uncle was doing hay stuff in the next field over, and I looked at some relatives' graves. We went back home and did some stuff on-line, whilst #2 helped his dad bale hay and my mother drove over on the jitney to watch for a bit.

Then, after a while, #3 and #4 showed up, as well as their mother my Aunt, with my Uncle and Grandpapa close in tow, as well as some pizza we had for supper, though the two men ended up going to bale some hay. And so #2, #3, #4 and I played a little game and I got tired rather quickly because I'm a little out of shape, and then #2, #4 and I went on a walk and after a long, drawn-out goodbye, we ended up leaving and heading home. So it was a good day! Though rather tiring. However, I did sleep better last night! Anyways, I'll go now, but I'll talk to y'all later!

8-6-2023 - 8:28 PM

Song of the day: Sistar - Lonely

Today was pretty good! I'm rather tired right now, but oh well---I had fun! I went to Blue's house---Green was supposed to be there as well, but couldn't go---and watched Lord of the Rings for the first time! I mean, technically, I watched some of it with my parents when I was little, but I was scared by Hobbit party Gandalf at the beginning when everything was peachy keen, so I made them change the channel before it got to the actually scary parts. Anyways, it was really fun! Especially our commentary---we spent probably around half the film chatting and making jokes and comments. Also, Legolas is totally dreamy!!! So yeah, it's safe to say he's my favourite!

Anyways, Blued made some food for the occasion: a beet tart, a lentil tart and a bread-type thingy they eat in the film. We also had mini cinnamon rolls and popcorn! And it was supposed to rain, but sadly didn't. And when my mum swang by to pick me up, she gave me a keyboard that she had bought me! It's a pink mechanical typewriter-esque keyboard that she got from Goodwill! It's really cute, and even lights up, although sadly the keycap for the escape key is missing. But oh well. Anyways, besides the tiredness, it was a really good day! I'll talk to all y'all later!

7-6-2023 - 9:51 PM

Song of the day: BESTie - Thank U Very Much

Today's been pretty decent! It rained some, so that made me rather happy and all, but beyond that, it was pretty meh. The new routine is going pretty decently, although I'm a little tired again because I slept somewhat poorly last night, but it's not too bad. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

6-6-2023 - 7:04 PM

Song of the day: BESTie - Thank U Very Much

My schedule has been going pretty well so far---I got 600 words of writing done, more than I have in a long time! But it still has a couple of kinks, since I feel like I'd like more free time in the late morning, so I might move some stuff around, and maybe a little more free time in general, but oh well. That's why it's still a work in progress! So I'll probably be trying out stuff and shuffling it around in the coming days. We'll see how it turns out!

Anyways, I took my walk in the morning today, which was really weird! I noticed that the morning walk demographic seems to skew earlier than the evening walk demographic, so sadly there won't be nearly as many cute guys on the trail, but that wasn't a common occurence anyways, especially during the school year. And it gets the blood flowing! But I am pretty tired now, though I think that's because I slept rather poorly last night. But yeah, that's that. I'll talk to all y'all later!

5-6-2023 - 9:41 PM

Song of the day: Electroboyz & Hyorin of SISTAR - Ma Boy 2

Today was pretty nice! I started working on a schedule, which I will pilot tomorrow, so I don't just sit around and be a couch potato all day! So we'll see how well that goes---well, I hope! And I had therapy today, and talked about scheduling and lack of drive and all---that's where I got the idea! And I had a nice kind of walk today, and put my jewelry up on a jewelry organizer, in the shape of the Eiffel Tower, which my mum got me a while ago. Really, that's most of what I've done today---it's been pretty uneventful. Anyways, my therapist moved her office to this new town nearby, which is so pretty and picturesque---as my mum commented, it looks a lot like Cabot Cove! So today was pretty nice. I'll talk to all y'all later!

4-6-2023 - 4:54 PM

Song of the day: Priscilla - Plus

Right now, I'm currently sitting on my laptop, against the door of my room, in the hallway, listening to thunder every now and then and the muffled sound---mostly applause and indistinct speech---of a video tape of my father's graduation, which is currently copying from the video tape it was originally on onto a DVD. It took me a little bit to figure out how to do that, but I did somehow! And right now, it seems like the weather can't decide whether or not to rain or whatever. I'll probably go for a nice, rainy walk around the neighbourhood as soon as I finish my blog post!

Anyways, I've mostly sat about today besides figuring that out, reading some of the DMV manual and doing some little chores around the house. I also need to try and figure out how to format my college resumé into a proper resumé! I'll probably just find a template and copy-paste. But yeah, today, life is kind of just relaxing. I really need to work some more on Verrer Central, though! Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

3-6-2023 - 9:58 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Crazy Like That

Today, I furthered my transformation into a Regency woman by writing two (well, one and a half---I started one last night) letters on fancy stationary and putting them into fancy personalized envelopes, both of which Blue got me, and sealing one with a wax seal Green got me! And beyond that, I responded to an e-mail, and found out that because the power apparently went out yesterday, all my work on my job application got erased. And now I'm going to need to figure out how to turn a college resumé into a job resumé, since I'm not entering all my stuff back into the Web-site. But yeah, I didn't do very much today. Toodles!

2-6-2023 - 9:56 PM

Song of the day: Apink - My My

Today my mum went down to my Grannie and Grandpapa's house! Only the oldest of the three local cousins was there for most of the day, so we drove the buggy and fourwheeler out and walked around the farm, and played Super Mario 3D World for a little bit, and beat the final boss! And I took some really nice photographs, some of me and my cousin and some of the landscape---the grass at this time of year is really long and golden and beautiful! It'll be hay pretty soon, but for now it's really beautiful. Expect a new photo on my photo gallery page soon! And then my two littlest cousins showed up and the older of the littlest, as well as their older brother (the one that I had played Nintendo with) went on a walk, since the youngest was pitching a fit, and then we had some quality time together, and then they all left to see a film, so my mum and I chatted with my Grannie and Grandpapa for a while, and then went home. It was a really nice day! Toodles!

1-6-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: CSR - Shining Bright

Today was pretty cool! This afternoon, my mum and I went to some thrift shops around town. At one, I got two bracelets---one green and a purple cross one---and two tops---this green flowery blouse that matches the green bracelet, and a shirt that looks like a world map! And then at the second, we hoped to find the guy who used to own our new iPad (check my last month's blog posts and search for "iPad" if you don't know what I'm talking about), since he volunteers there a lot, apparently, but he wasn't there. And then, at the last, we saw one of my mum's best friends and chatted, and I bought a cute light pink pair of skinny jeans, inspired by Shinee and Girls' Generation, although not as bright---I saw a brighter pair, but they were a bit tight---and a cute dark pink pair of shorts---the first nice, good-looking shorts I've had beyond pyjama shorts! And it was a bit muggt for me today, but that's Missouri summers for ya. But yeah, that's it for today---toodles till tomorrow!

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