Blog - April 2023

30-4-2023 - 10:09 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Tap Tap

I went to my Nan's 80th birthday party tonight! We had a lot of great food and good conversation, etc., and I think that after a while of barely talking to them, I'm starting to get closer to my cousins on this side, though there'll be a good deal of work still to do. My Nan gave me another driving test study booklet (I think this is my third) and a little pamphlet with all the road signs! And apparently there were kittens, though I only got to see ones other people brought in from the garage into the house, not them for myselves, sadly. But it's been a pretty nice day. I'll talk to all y'all later!

29-4-2023 - 10:16 PM

Song of the day: Kara - When I Move

I had my calc practice exam this morning! Which was very tiring mentally, though I thought it would've been way worse. Thankfully, our teacher gave us some snacks! I also saw the school whilst it was mostly empty and most of the lights were off, which was eerie. Anyways, my mum and I then had barbecue for lunch, since my dad was off at my Nan's helping with some fence, and then we went to visit my Grannie after a quick stop off. We got there around 5:00, having left at 3:00, because we stopped off for a loo break, and we stayed, chatted, etc. for a while! She seems much better emotionally, though physically she still has a little room for improvement until she's pretty much back to normal. She gave my mum and me each a mini doughnut and seems to be much more lively in general. She wanted to walk about, but sadly none of the staff members were available and she can't walk around totally unattended. We left around 6:30 and it rained on the way home, which made me very happy! And we had Panchero's for dinner, and I saw a super handsome redhead guy there. :) Anyways, that's it for tonight. I'll talk to all y'all later!

28-4-2023 - 6:32 PM

Song of the day: Shannon Williams - Why Why

This has been such a long week! And I'm in for a pretty packed weekend as well, since tomorrow morning I have my calculus practice AP exam, and then in the afternoon I'm visiting my Grannie, and then Sunday morning I have church and Sunday afternoon/evening is my Nan's eightieth birthday party! So it should be a fun weekend, but there shan't be a lot of time to just rest and relax, which, considering my week of AP exams starts Tuesday, would be rather nice. But oh well. Anyways, today I did most of my AP psych practice exam, and did pretty well, almost scoring a 4 on the multiple-choice alone! So I think I'm in pretty good shape. We also worked on a university-level placement exam in French, though didn't finish it, and finished watching an episode of Battle B.C. about Caesar and the Gauls in Latin that we started yesterday. The special effects were a little cheesy, though I prefer that to gory realism (no pun intended), and they repeated each clip of footage probably at least 5 times, but it was enjoyable!

Also, the school college fair was today, and they actually had someone from Yale! Although she didn't even get a full booth, only a corner of the booth for a local college. But it was pretty small, since it was basically just whatever universities the staff went to, though I did get some cool freebies! Basically. just pens. I love pens. Speaking of, my chemistry sub complimented my handwriting today! He said it was really great and he wished his biology class had that kind of handwriting. And only a few months ago, before I started writing everything in cursive, I had the most atrocious handwriting ever! So I think that's really quite a lot of improvement.

Also, poor Mary (see my blog post from yesterday if you're clueless) sadly died sometime yesterday between the afternoon and the evening. But at least she had a pretty good life, besides her untimely end. Anyways, that's about it for today! I'll talk to all y'all later!

27-4-2023 - 9:58 PM

Song of the day: Jessica Andrews - Who I Am

Today's been a long day. I felt kinda sucky for a while, and to top it off, one of my fish (Mary, the Duchess) is in critical condition since she got caught and some of her fins got damaged pretty bad, I believe by snails nibbling at them since she couldn't move and was weak. We have her in one of those little breeder things inside the tank that you put a pregnant fish in and then take the mother fish out once she gives birth if it's a cannibalistic fish to avoid the fish getting eaten, and she's laying at the bottom most of the time, though sometimes she moves around, though she can't do it very well. I really hope she grows her fins back, because I hate to see her like this. We really thought she wasn't going to survive last night, but she was at least still alive this afternoon when I checked on her, though I haven't been to look in on her in a few hours. I just really hope she recovers! But beyond that, it's been a long day, and I kind of just can't right now, you know? I need some time off, but of course I have AP exams, etc. But oh well. I guess that's pretty much it. I'll talk to all y'all later!

26-4-2023 - 10:15 PM

Song of the day: Apink - My My

Today I had a half-day! In half-day tradition, we ended up eschewing the typical lunch---which would've been chicken alfredo---for pizza, and though I totally love chicken alfredo, pizza ain't that bad either, although it was a little odd, since the half-day pizza always comes in unmarked white boxes! But it was a small pizza, I believe, since I had stomach room for four slices without feeling too bad, and when my family gets pizza we normally get large, and then I can stomach three slices at most. Anyways, I keep putzing around on the Net without actually surfing the Net! So I'm trying to intentionally surf the Net more, but I seldom have the proper time. But at least it'll be summer holiday soon! Anyways, we went to visit my grandpapa today, since he's recovering from an infection, and he had an operation yesterday to change his dialysis port for a kind of dialysis that works better. Anyways, he was still a little loopy from the ananesthesia but he seems to be doing pretty well. We stayed and visited for a while and he let me have the yogurt he wasn't going to eat, and I discovered that I really like vanilla yogurt! Anyways, I'm totally busy right now but I'm awaiting summer holiday. It's gonna be fun!

25-4-2023 - 10:14 PM

Song of the day: BTS - DNA

I got to school properly on time today, not skating in at the last moment! And some drama went down in calculus. There's these two twins who are in the grade above me, and those two and Green are often fighting rather pointlessly during English discussions, but that's beside the point. Anyways, they got to class like 5-10 minutes late, and we had a quiz first thing this morning over all the stuff we've been reviewing for the AP exam. Well, they were absent yesterday, so they turned to one of their buddies for this information, and, despite the fact that it was on Google Classroom and they very well could've checked it out themselves, they relied on their mate's info, which, as it turned out, was blatantly false. Well, they refused to take accountability for this and were pushing off the blame onto this friend, who we'll call Mike, and one of the twins turns to him directly in front of the teacher!!! (she was not more than a metre away from him!) and says "What the f*ck, Mike?"

And so I was all like gasp! Like this is a school! You don't drop f-bombs casually at school! Or at least not during class!

Well, my calc teacher was not having any of this, so she was all like "You come into my class late, and don't take responsibility, and then you drop an f-bomb?" and he was about to say something and she stopped him, saying "That's a 'yes, ma'am' and then you be quiet." I KNOW!!! Apparently, some of the lowerclassmen disapprove of her and my English teacher scolding students for constantly throwing a basketball around in the halls during class time, etc., but really? I've got to take their sides, since those particular students really shouldn't be throwing a ball around inside? And from what I can discern, also have an attitude issue. BUT that's so totally beside the point!

Anyways, my chemistry sub is totally as lost as we are because he hasn't taken chemistry in the better part of two decades. We also ended up reading through some English passages of parts of De Bello Gallico that we aren't going to translate in Latin, and I couldn't do my psych test because the teacher wasn't there. And that's all that's really happened today! I'm looking forward to tomorrow (despite the fact that my double self-study psych block was replaced with double chemistry) because the lunch is chicken alfredo---one of my favourite meals ever!---and because it's a half day! So it's going to be a great day. I'll talk to all y'all later!

24-4-2023 - 10:11 PM

Song of the day: Bestie - Thank U Very Much

Really, not much has happened today! In chemistry, my sub was ostensibly as confused as we were by the stuff that confused me, we had an in-class writing day for English, we talked about what we're going to do in Latin and talked about Arsène Lupin in French class. Really, it's been a nice, rather uneventful day, though I wish I had had more time to study, etc. But I'll talk to all y'all later!

23-4-2023 - 10:08 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation

Today's been another pretty uneventful day. I spent a good while reading this morning and afternoon, which was nice! Although I also ended up putting off studying because of that. Anyways, I couldn't figure out the stuff for my chem homework, even with the explanation of my father who did a lot of thermodynamics in university, so I've e-mailed the teacher asking if we can go over it tomorrow. Anyways, I did some calculus review, although more would've been better, but oh well. I'm doing decently on this review, but not 100%, though again pretty well. But I really don't know if I'm going to have the motivation to properly review. Ugh. But it was a pretty good day beyond that, and I got a good deal of psychology review. So I hope I have way more motivation this week and get some good studying, etc. done but still with free time!

Also, I upgraded to Vivaldi 6.0 today from 5.7.whatever, and whilst I don't like the new default icons---they make the UI just a tad more iPad-ified, which makes me sad ---you have the ability to change them!!! I have an old Opera-style theme, which is working really nicely, and I hope for more, cooler themes soon! Also, random tidbit: we randomly got somebody's else's groceries on our grocery order, so my mother had to go back to pick up the right ones. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

22-4-2023 - 10:11 PM

Song of the day: Younha - Password 486

Today's been a pretty ho-hum, boring day, and I didn't have time to do my calc review (which I'm a little behind on anyways due to the trip) so I'll have to do that tomorrow, but that's about it for tomorrow. It was nice and cloudy and cool all day so I went on a nice long walk! But I procrastinated and didn't get started on my work until 3:00 or 4:00, and my chemistry long-term sub gave us an assignment on some stuff we haven't even really done yet, which sucks. Anyways, the only part of the trip I don't think I mentioned yesterday was the City Museum, where I had a super-dense chicken wrap---actually, I could only finish half---for lunch, and then a super yummy orange milk chocolate bar I bought from the art museum and split with Green and Blue, and then they went on a ten-storey side, whilst I, in true mum friend fashion, held their stuff and waved and smiled at a super handsome guy. But yeah, to my knowledge, that's pretty much it! I'll talk to all y'all later!

21-4-2023 - 10:13 PM

Song of the day: Younha - Password 486

I don't have time or energy to go over every highlight of the trip right now, but y'all can expect that tomorrow, hopefully. But for now, the highlights, in no particular order:

  • Drinking milk out of a wine glass with my chicken alfredo for dinner
  • Going to a cute little vintage shop and finding a blouse, an amazing sweater and two scrunchies!
  • Brownie-flavoured frozen custard!
  • A nice little walk around a reservoir
  • Our fancy schmancy AirBNB
  • A nice, neon diner with a huge burger that I couldn't finish and amazing fries!
  • Sleeping poorly Wednesday night because we didn't turn the aircon off in my room until 3AM and I didn't realize I had actual sheets and not just a blanket
  • A severe thunderstorm watch that ended up being a little sprinkle
  • A stray cat near the rental that we named Harold even though she's a girl
  • Getting to dinner Wednesday night at a little after 7:00 and due to delays, not getting back to the rental until after 10:00
  • Pink squealing because people were tickling him
  • The St. Louis Zoo---I finally tried Dippin' Dots!
  • The art museum---I especially loved the statue out front of Louis IX and all the Western European art! Can you tell that Green, who's obsessed with abstract art, probably thinks my art tastes are boring?
  • Grocery shopping---I got mozzarella pearls, which I still haven't finished, and a baguette, which somehow ended up in multiple chandeliers, and which I couldn't finish because it fell on the ground
  • A cute little art gallery where I bought two little prints for $8
  • Just generally chilling and having fun!

Actually, now that I think about it, that's mostly it! So I'll maybe give a more detailed version in correct order tomorrow, but we'll see. Anyways, toodles for tonight!

18-4-2023 - 10:12 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Gee

We think we found the iPad man! So it looks like it shan't be such a dump after all. Also, yesterday, my mum and I went for ice cream! Anyways, today in English, we practiced an FRQ, and I was a minute late to first-period calc, as often happens for some reason---my father and I seem to be skirting awfully close to the 8:20 mark for leaving the house when I have to be at school at 8:30---and we practiced our Toga Day skit for the first time on the stage---the big day's tomorrow! I'm also going on my gradewide trip from tomorrow through Friday, so tomorrow night and Thursday night the blog should be silent, but Friday (or maybe Saturday, if I'm too tired Friday night) I'll be sure to update all y'all on the trip! I'm excited but a little nervous, for some reason---I think that's just how I am with travelling sometimes. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later! Toodles!

17-4-2023 - 10:02 PM

Song of the day: Lightsum - Vivace

Today's been really pretty long, but I think my day went pretty well in the end. The one thing: apparently I have a bunch of textbook problems for chemistry! I don't want to try in this class, but oh well. :( But I almost said that in front of the teacher, which would've sucked. But oh well. But we at least got to start blocking today! Or "paginating" as Cathy from Dance Moms would say. And we did a writing/comprehension of a table exercise in French, and I did some AP Calc review which went decently. But I just want more free time soon! but I'll talk to all y'all later. Toodles!

16-4-2023 - 10:06 PM

Song of the day: Playback - Playback

Today's been a nice little day! Although an uneventful one. But I had a nice, long walk this afternoon, and I just chilled out for almost all of the day, besides going through a bunch of papers from elementary school and sixth grade that I found whilst doing laundry/cleaning my room/etc. Also, I finally published my iPad rant, which is hyper-linked below. Anyways, that's about it for today! Toodles!

15-4-2023 - 9:57 PM

Song of the day: Colbie Caillat - Bubbly

Today has, indeed, been a better day than yesterday! My dad and I left the house around 12:15 to pick Green up, since we cashiered at the library! Blue meant to come, but couldn't, very unfortunately. Anyways, we had Dairy Queen for lunch (and I saw a handsome guy with fluffy hair there ) and then I researched flip phones (I think the LG Classic Flip looks really good!) and tried and failed to find the first season of Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD. Seriously, I think they had every season on the shelf except for the first! Anyways, Green's mum then took us home and I got to study some and chill! It's been really nice and rainy---and significantly cooler---today, which is really nice!! So yeah, today's been a pretty great day. I'll talk to all y'all later!

14-4-2023 - 10:11 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - The Boys

We had an 8th grade/11th grade trip today! We never did anything like this when I was in 8th grade back in the day, so it was rather interesting. Anyways, we did some little activities together in the morning, followed by an escape room, the first escape room i've ever done. It was really fun!! And then we went to this ropes course, which I didn't really want to do anyways, but after I had my sandwich from my lunch I ended up getting nauseous anyways for part of the time, so I didn't go up. I do kind of regret not pushing myself or whatever, but there's always other times and sometimes it's better to just stay in your comfort zone. I do hope to exit my comfort zone more in the future, though! But then, when I got home, I found out that my mum had bought a 1st-gen iPad mini for $5 from a Habitat for Humanity sale! I didn't expect it to work, but it did. However, it was signed in to the previous owner's iCloud, and needed the password to sign out, which I didn't know obviously, so I tried to put it in restore mode, but now it's activation locked and we don't know what to do, because there doesn't seem to be any way to unbrick it. So we'll see how that ends up. I filmed a rant YouTube video, which should be going up soon. So yeah, I hope tomorrow is better than today, because it has been a long day. Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

13-4-2023 - 10:03 PM

Song of the day: Lightsum - Alive

We finished our Toga Day script today! So now, it's in crunch time to memorize lines and rehearse in a few days! Because spring break was about a week later this year than it was last year. But it should be nice! Tomorrow, we're going to do a day with the eighth grade to build rapport and all, and we're going to do an escape room and a high ropes course. Although, just like on last year's school retreat (2021-2022 school year), I'm going to avoid the ropes course at all costs. So yeah, I hope that goes well! Anyways, I'm watching this YouTuber HeyParis a lot recently, and she makes really good storytimes! I miss storytime YouTubers. But yeah, I'll talk to all y'all later!

12-4-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: 123Japan - Song for Learning Japanese (Yes, I love this song. Yes, I'm not learning Japanese.)

The big thing that happened today was that we got our chemistry long-term sub! He teaches biology (different from my bio teacher from last year, since he left due to not really teaching) and anatomy, and although he was one of the teachers for my intersession and wasn't the best, he seems to be a good teacher. So anyways, we'll see how this semester goes, since he hasn't taken chemistry classes in ages so he'll be learning it with us. But really, that's the only interesting thing that happened today. On a side note, I hope this summer is much more fun than last summer! My summers are always pretty boring so I hope this one is better, more fun and more interesting! A boyfriend would, of course, also be nice, but I shan't raise my expectations too much. Anyways, how are y'all! All y'all should totally e-mail me by clicking the link in the sidebar!!!! I love e-mailing people so it'd really be nice. :) Anyways, I'll talk to all y'all later!

11-4-2023 - 10:10 PM

Song of the day: Orange Caramel - Catallena

We did a handwritten FRQ for AP Lang today, which, although I had to hurry my handwriting up at the end because I was trying to write nicely, wasn't as hard on my hands as I thought it would be! Although I assume that'll be different when I have to write three back-to-back-to-back. Anyways, the big thing today was that we had another substitute for chemistry, who (I'm not exactly sure whether she shall be or not, because I might have misunderstood) is, I believe, going to be our long-term sub. Anyways, we had been learning about thermodynamics, but she talked to us about pH and all, and she seemed nervous and a little preoccupied and all, which, to be fair, was probably because the principal and three teachers were watching. But she seems pretty cool, and apparently she's applying to work here! Anyways, that's all for today!

10-4-2023 - 8:53 PM

Song of the day: Orange Caramel - Catallena

So small things first: today, I did three practice calculus FRQs, and of 21 points got 12 or 13, which is decent, I suppose, considering that that doesn't translate to a 2 or 3 on the exam since you can get a 5 or 6/9 on an FRQ and that's still good, but I need to study more. Also, yesterday, I helped my cousin (longtime roll-making apprentice to my late grandad) make rolls. So now I suppose I'm the rollmaker-in-waiting. Also, I got a tonne of recipes from my Nan to put in a little cookbook I'm making for myself when I go off to uni!

Anyways, do all y'all remember my "interesting" chemistry teacher? He got fired! We walked into class today and the principal was standing there with a sub, and said that the teacher "won't be returning". Apparently, according to a classmate, the straw that broke the camel's back was that he recently yelled at a student who was afraid to touch a hot thing during a lab not to be "a f**king p**sy" and made a classmate of that student's cry. Also, the headmistress sent an e-mail out later in the day saying that he's been fired. Anyways, the sub gave us most of a work day and then took us to see a nature area next to my school that's a turtle habitat, though sadly we didn't see any. Anyways, that was my wild bit of a day!

8-4-2023 - 10:14 PM

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Forever 1

Basically my whole day today was homework. My dad went to my Nan's for most of the day but I had to stay home and do a tonne of homework, and I still have a little French video to listen to. But at least I got most of it done! This evening, my mum and I went on a walk, and then had Dairy Queen for dinner (I had a double cheeseburger with some lettuce, tomato and onion on it in addition to ketchup and mustard, which cost 90 cents for some reason!) and watched the Easter and Arbour Day specials for Charlie Brown. Anyways, that's about it for now, so I'll talk to all y'all later!

7-4-2023 - 10:13 PM

Song of the day: Laboum - Hwi Hwi

Happy weekend! Sadly, I have a decent amount of homework for tomorrow (and of course I'll be doing Easter things with church and then my family most of the day Sunday, so I won't do homework then), but beyond that, that's pretty much it. There was a little humanities fair in the community time today, though sadly no modern languages. But I did some weird blackout poetry! I might post some here tomorrow. But anyways, that's it for today!

6-4-2023 - 9:40 PM

Song of the day: Blake Shelton - God Gave Me You

Today has been another pretty uneventful day, but it's still been nice and cool! We've kept on working on our Toga Day skit for Latin and are about to start properly writing! And then we had a discussion in English, where a good quarter to third of the class was gone for various reasons, including one guy who wrote an overly long, TMI excuse e-mail to the teacher about how he dislocated his jaw and had to get it back in. Anyways, in French, since Pink was gone and we didn't have everyone, we discussed how to promote French classes to the younger kids and I started making a Web-site for the effort! And then my college counselling class was cancelled, so I just sat in on Blue and Green's anatomy class and did some homework whilst listening to my iPod. So yeah, that's about it for tonight!

5-4-2023 - 10:13 PM

Song of the day: SMTOWN - Hot Mail

Blue is back at school today after a little bit off! And I had leftover chicken alfredo for dinner, and thankfully it's much cooler today compared to before! And I had a chemistry lab that was not stressful for once! And that's pretty much it for today. I'll talk to all y'all later!

4-4-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: CSR - Shining Bright

Today, we kept planning for Latin, and learned a new part of a concept on calculus! Which is of course, somewhat confusing, but such is life. We also talked about reach vs. target vs. safety schools in college counselling, and reviewed an example college list with grades and all, and I commented that the example student was "reaching more than Gloria Estefan", which made my college counsellor crack up. Also, my school is apparently looking for a new science teacher to replace my chem teacher! I feel a little guilty that I was glad about that, but I do wish him the best and hope that he becomes kinder in the future.

Anyways, I've been listening to this song below rather frequently these past few weeks. It's got no right to be this good! And I'm not even planning to learn Japanese any time soon. Anyways, it was supposed to rain today, but sadly it all seems to have blown up north. At least we didnt' get any tornadoes or anything! They warned about that. And it should cool down soon! It's been too hot the past few days. Anyways, that's it for tonight! I'll talk to all y'all later!

3-4-2023 - 10:07 PM

Song of the day: SMTOWN - Hot Mail

Today, my Latin class started talking about our Toga Day skit! Since the seniors present, this is our last proper skit! Though we plan to do mini-skits between next year. Anyways, we were talking about Twilight, much to the chagrin of my teacher, mother and some classmates, and I wasn't the fondest of it either, but thankfully we switched to the Wizard of Oz-dyssey! I get to play Glinda the Good Witch. I have a little more homework than I'd want to have right back from a break, but it's not a huge deal. It's also warmer at night than I'd like, but oh well. Also, have y'all seen this video? It's so cool! But yeah, that's it for tonight. Toodles 'till tomorrow!

2-4-2023 - 10:04 PM

Song of the day: Verivery - Moment (specifically off of Face Me, not Round 3)

Today's been rather relaxed. I think what's been making my thumb weird is that I sprained it or something. Anyways, I woke up an hour early today because I think my alarm clock is set for daylight savings time, but a week or two late, since it woke me up at "7:15" (really 6:15) today, but I got a drink and then went back to sleep until 7:15, when my cell phone alarm woke me up, and then lay around/dozed a little/whatever until 7:45, but because of my alarm clock, I thought it was 8:45. Anyways, that was the most interesting thing that happened today. I had a new type of ramen cup for dinner, which, unlike Instant Lunch, is microwaveable. It was pretty good. That's all for today!

1-4-2023 - 9:59 PM

Song of the day: BIGBANG - We Like 2 Party

The only real big thing that happened today was that Blue and I hit the town! Green wasn't able to make it because his life went awry, but Blue and I went to the same vintage store as last week briefly, and then walked around town, bored because we didn't have much to do. We randomly ran into a guy from school, in the grade below us, in the record shoppe and saw him on the street as well, and we ended up going to a bakery, where I got a chocolate chip cookie, which was pretty good. We then went to the Asian market, where I got strawberry milk (which was delicious!!) and strawberry cakes, which I shall try soon. We then walked a while to the library and milled about before going home. It was also really windy today! And yeah, that's pretty much it. Toodles for tonight!

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