Song of the Day: Priscilla - Regarde-moi (Teste-moi, déteste-moi)

It's the end of May! I bid goodbye to the month of final exams, my birthday and the weather here in Missouri suddenly becoming hot, muggy and miserable. Bon voyage, May. See you in eleven months!

I feel like this has been a pretty long month. I mean personally, I feel like I've dealth with a tonne this month, like the aforementioned final exams, which are, of course, always pretty damn stressful and annoying, so that's probably one part of that. And I also feel like I've gone through quite a few personal issues this month. I don't want to get all into that too much, but I've gone through quite a bit mentally this month. Here's to hoping June will be a better month!

Also, my grandparents made a surprise drop-in this morning, like characters on a sitcom. They called me ten minutes before they arrived to say that they were in town for an appointment and were going to pop by to give us some stuff. My mum was out at the library, so I had to receive them alone, and they didn't feel like getting up and coming in, so I had to go outside into the driveway and chat with them for a while, and they gave me a t-shirt and ten dollars, plus a bunch of random stuff to give to my mother, who had no idea they were coming.

Also, absolutely ages ago (AKA a few weeks or a month; I don't remember exactly how long ago), I won a giveaway for a photobook of Verivery's US tour, and it finally got here today! It had to ship from Korea to the person who was running the giveaway, and then to me, plus there were delays, so it took a pretty long time to get here, but at long last it has arrived, and the person who did the giveaway even included some extras! So yeah, it was really great!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - Time Machine

So this has been a pretty long day. At 10:00 I went to this charming little café in my city to have brunch with my two best friends. Whilst we were waiting for our table, we went to another coffee shop across the street and got drinks, and then went back to the café to get brunch. I got these massive chocolate chips pancakes, which were pretty nice, but too big to eat in one sitting. The decor was also rather reminiscent of the 70s and 80s, and they were playing 80s music on the radio. At one point, they even played Only In My Dreams by Debbie Gibson, by far my favourite 80s singer, and I sang along and danced in my seat once I realized that that was the song that was playing. (There was a decent bit of chatter.)

Also, we ended up walking around afterwards, and I had to wait alone for a while, because my parents were late picking me up, whilst my friends' parents were on time. But I was able to pass the time singing and dancing around, and just generally making a fool out of myself. Thankfully, there weren't very many people around, so not many people had the opportunity to see me pretending to be in a music video. Anyways, it was pretty nice!

But yeah, my summer so far is mostly pretty uneventful - just the way I like my summers. I like just sitting around, watching TV, listening to music, reading and doing other things I like to do all day. I really like lazy, relaxing summers, although it certainly wouldn't hurt to have a boyfriend. But yeah. A lot of people (particularly in my dad's family) have been asking not if I'm going to get a summer job, but where I'm going to work, which has made me want to avoid a summer job at all costs. Seriously, why is my dad's side of the family full of overachievers?

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Debbie Gibson - Think With Your Heart

So the first two days of summer holiday have been pretty eventful! I mean, yesterday was pretty boring and all, but today was fun! My mother and I went to the mall, since I needed a floppy hat for a brunch that I'm due to attend soon. We couldn't find it at JC Penney's, but we found one at Windsor, though it unfortunately doesn't fit me perfectly, since my head is too big. (I was wearing adult sized bicycle helmets when I was in kindergarten, for your information.) Seriously, they make plus sized clothes, why not plus sized clothes? Of all the things to inherit from my dad's family, was the best option really the head size? At least that leaves more room for brains or whatever.

Also, whilst we were at Penney's my mother made the choice to insult the way I get onto escalators, remarking that it looks like I'm "attacking them". Can I really help it if getting onto escalators makes me a little uneasy? I also tend to lean forwards when going on up escalators, but not on down escalators. I guess I'm scared that I'll lose my balance and fall or something. Anyways, we went to Gamestop next and I found a game I wanted, though it was only available new. We went to my favourite CD store after that, which also sells video games, and found the same game... also new. Ugh. Anyways, I also got a Barba Streisand cassette (you can only watch The Nanny so many times before the Fines start to rub off on you) and three Reba CDs. It was a pretty successful visit!

Also, the Target at the mall is closed because they're rearranging everything again for what, the second time this year? Seriously, they have a problem! Anyways, the entrance was closed off this time, and so were the bathrooms, so when I had to go to the bathroom whilst I was at the CD store, which is pretty close by, the Target bathrooms were the closest option, but since they were closed off, I had to go to some Porta-potty trailer that was right outside. P.S. - it wasn't pretty.

Also, I got my AP Lang summer reading assignment today and the only options are non-fiction. Ugh. I don't generally like non-fiction, and when I do, it's about people that I admire, like Betty White. One of the options is about Jon Krakauer. Bless his heart, there is no way that I would ever look up to him. Seriously, I'm not fond of the options. Plus, we have to annotate! Ugh. I wonder if we can read them on Kindle and annotate there? I sure as hell hope so.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Lightsum - Alive

Finals update 4! My finaly are finally over! The only final I had yesterday was English, and I got a B on the multiple choice. I don't know how I did with the essay portion. But anyways, I'm now officially done with the school year! Only three months until I go back and do it all over again, but this time with two AP classes instead of one. Oh, joy of joys!

Today was field day! Again, joy of joys! Or, as Fran Fine would say, oy of oys. I've been watching a lot of The Nanny lately! Anyways, my school has houses, which is an annoying school system. There were three other high schoolers in my house, and we tried to avoid the activities as much as humanly possible. There was also one middle schooler who kind of participated, and with whom I spoke for a couplf of minutes. Anyways, it was rather dreadful. At least it started raining! I love the rain. :)

But yeah, I'm excited for summer holiday! Here's to summer! :)

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Verivery - Childhood

Finals update 3! So the only final exam that I had today was for precalculus, and I think it went pretty well! I blanked on a few questions, but on two of those I had surprise epiphanies. So that's pretty good! I at least hope that I did well. Anyways, afterwards, our teacher gave us each a personalized handwritten card. In mine, she referenced, amongst other things, my wild conversations with my best friend during our homeroom, and the fact (of life) that I love 80s and 90s TV.

Also, yesterday was my birthday! I've already received a cheque from my grandparents on one side of the family, and my other pair posted mine off to me recently, which left only my parents to give me gifts yesterday. I ended up getting three seasons each of The Nanny and Murder, She Wrote! I also want to go to the mall soon to have a little post-birthday shopping spree as a gift to myself. Seriously, I don't know why, but I love the mall!

And the cake that I had was amazing! My mother made a lovely Victoria spongecake for my birthday, like she did last year. It's really yummy! We did have a little moment when we were unsure about quantities, but it ended up all right. I love it!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Verivery - Fine

Finals update 2! I had my Latin final yesterday, which went pretty well. The scansion and spot questions about the text went pretty well, and there was a nice meme on the back, which was a Scooby-Doo meme talking about Rome, in honour of our Scoobius Doo Toga Day skit from last month. On the translation part, the teacher said that she'd give us five words of our choice (individually) to have her translate for free, and later, at the pleading of literally everybody else but me, upgraded that to seven. She then just decided to let us use our textbooks, which was good, as I discovered one or two mistakes I had made. But overall, I think that it went pretty well.

Also, I had my biology final presentation. I was the second to be drawn, and knew a few seconds beforehand because I had some sort of revelation or something. It was weird. But anyways, I had an issue with mine, because my computer refused to e-mail it, so I had to work that out whilst other people went on presenting. Eventually, I had to e-mail it to my cell phone, and then e-mail that to my teacher. But after that, I think it went pretty well, though I did kind of ramble at a couple of points, but oh well.

Also, my Verivery album that shipped almost a month ago finally arrived today! I ordered the A version, and got the A version inclusions (photocards, poster, et cetera), but got the B version album book and disc, though the only difference between the versions of those seems to be the aesthetics. Either way, it's still odd, but I'm glad that it finally got here! Also, it's been nice and rainy all day, and I knew it was gonna be a pretty good day when I woke up and it was already raining outside. Yesterday was kind of a stressful day for me, mostly for personal reasons that I don't want to divulge here, but today has been a way better day!

Also, tomorrow's my birthday! I'm excited to have some cake (my mother's planning on making a Victoria sponge cake!) and get my presents and all. It's weird that I'm about to be a year older, because the past school year only feels like four or so months, and I barely remember last summer. But I suppose that's how time goes, especially as you get older.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: TWICE - Cheer Up

Finals update 1! Today was my first final exam! I ended up getting the highest grade in my French class (all four of us) on the final, with a 96.7%. There were a couple of things that I was definitely pretty nervous about, but I ended up doing well on those. But in the end, I'm pretty sad, since that was the last time ever that I had this French teacher. She's been my French teacher since 5th grade, except for 8th grade, and she'sone of the best teachers I've ever had. But she ended up moving to a new school in the city where she lives, and it's a better opportunity for her. Of course, I'm happy for her, but I'm also sad, especially since our class was so fun this year, since there were only four (originally five) of us and we could have more fun activities and side discussions. We didn't even really have to raise our hands since there were so few of us. It was really nice! I wonder who my new French teacher will be...

On the subject of teachers leaving, my drama teacher is also leaving my school for next year. He told us that apparently, he just wants to take a different career path. I mean, it's not really going to impact me since I don't intend on doing another acting class and I don't have the acting chops to do a school play, but yeah. I feel like my favourite teachers are all leaving one by one: one of my Latin teachers left, my favourite English teacher left, and now my French teacher. Now, the only of my favourite teachers left are one of my English teachers, my art teacher my precalc teacher and my other Latin teacher, and one of them's probably going to leave after next year, knowing this school. Thankfully, it seems like my Latin teacher will stay, since we basically flat out told her that she can't leave until after we graduate, and she didn't raise any issue with that, so yeah.

But yeah, finals week is in full swing! Time to power through.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: miss A - Bad Girl Good Girl

Today I had a most interesting day! We had a field trip in my Human Geo, where we spoke with my city's mayor and then went to an area of downtown, where we got turn loose. We had a little scavenger hunt, to find different types of things in the cityscape, like examples of sequent occuance, for example. I was grouped with my two best friends, and we had a lot of fun going around downtown! We eventually decided to take a breeak, and stopped by a record store. I looked around for two or three minutes, and found a Reba McEntire CD that I don't already own. However, I'd only brought ten dollars, and the whole class was planning to meet up at a favourite local ice cream shop, and the CD cost six dollars, so I decided not to buy it.

After finding some more stuff, we decided to stop with the whole searching thing, and went into a local bookshop. One of my best friends had been there, but the other and I hadn't. We ended up looking through, and I found an old copy (printed in 1973) of an Agatha Christie mystery that cost a dollar! (Technically 92 cents, but with the tax, it came out to a dollar.)

Anyways, after that, we decided to go to the ice cream shop, though we were there a half an hour before we were supposed to meet up with the class. My best friends both had "large" ice creams, though they were nothing compared to my $6.75 24 ounce milkshake. They were both full pretty soon, and meanwhile, I somehow finished the entire milkshake without feeling nauseous whatsoever! Others soon showed up, and my best friends and I went back to the bookstore with my oldest friend, who I've known since we were in preschool. Anyways, at the bookstore, I found a French book about Belfast that looked interesting! But I only had two dollars left over, and it cost six dollars. Oh well.

Also, I got a French quiz/test/whatever back today that I got a 100% on! I'm really glad. Also, I finished my English final roject, which is a video essay about The Great Gatsby and all the gay stuff in it. It's included below for your viewing pleasure!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Laboum - Fresh Adventure

I went to a party today! This girl in my grade hosts a party at the end of every school year, and everyone's invited. A good six or so people out of sixteen in our grade were missing, but we still had fun! I went home with all of the leftover Subway sandwiches (they ordered two trays of sandwiches, and I came home with probably the equivalent of three footlongs, so I have lunch ready for a couple of days. We also played a card game for a while, which was pretty dang fun. It was in the same style as Cards Against Humanity and Apples to Apples, but I can't remember the name right now.

Also, some random dog showed up! He had a bandana and was well-groomed, so we knew that he had an owner, but he didn't have a collar. We decided to name him Carl, after Carl Azuz of CNN 10. I gave him a little bit of turkey from my sandwich, and he asked me for more food throughout the evening. We also had lovely homemade cookies, and some ice cream as well. We also watched some frogs in the pond, and gave them interesting names, including Starbucks Frappucino, Colonel Sanders and Tin Can. One of my classmates repeatedly used a stick to hit Colonel Sanders in the butt, and he didn't appear to be bothered by it, so that was a goldmine of jokes.

Also, I so don't want to do this school week. I have to turn in projects and start finals, and I'm just not in the mood. If this could've all been spread over two weeks, I would be much happier. Seriously, we couldn't start finals prep a week earlier? IT WOULDN'T FREAKING HURT! Ugh.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Britney Spears - Lucky

Ugh. I've been feeling kinda like crap all afternoon, and after dinner, the feeling started crappening. And the crappening hit the fan after dinner, when I started feeling like shite. Thankfully, I'm feeling better now, but feeling like crap felt like crap.

Also, I'm sorry if this entry is short, but I've also kind of been feeling like crap emotionally. I've been stressed with finals and all, and personal issues, so this entry and some other ones in the near future are probably going to be pretty short.

Also, if y'all hadn't heard, Apple finally got rid of the iPod. They discontinued the iPod touch the other day, and made an announcement that the "spirit" of the iPod lives on in the iPhone and all of that. I call bullcrap. Using an iPod and listening to music on an iPhone is an entirely different experience. I don't really know how to explain it, but yeah.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Steps - It's The Way You Make Me Feel

How is it only Wednesday? I feel like time is at once going by too slowly and too quickly for my tastes. Finals week is slowly creeping up and I don't like it. There should not be less than a week left until finals. Seriously, what the heck?! I just want to skip to my birthday, which is a couple of days before school ends, and then to the beginning of summer holiday. Seriously, who came up with finals? And I'm still upset that they won't let teachers give us projects anymore because COVID is mostly over. Seriously, WHAT?! Ugh.

Also, I heard rumours this morning that my French teacher isn't going to come back next year, which makes me really sad because she's one of the few teachers at my school anymore that I really like. (My English teacher and Latin teacher that I really liked both left, though my current Latin teacher, the other of the two, who I had before in sixth grade, is also cool.) I also like my precalc, art and Latin teachers, and my bio teacher is pretty cool, but yeah. I at least hope her replacement is cool, and is as good of a teacher as she's been for the whole time I've known her.

Also, I seriously don't know how I made it through the stress of last finals season. I'll have to go look at my old blog posts to see if I can learn my past self's secrets, because I just don't feel up to it.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Reba McEntire - I'm A Survivor

Happy Monday! Holy crap, this has been a long day. The school day itself was pretty short and all, but the after-school portion was so long. I went home and had a bit of ice cream while I watched 7th Heaven (Kevin on 7th Heaven is rather dreamy, if I do say so myself), before I went to volunteer at my school's trivia night for Ukraine. My best friend and I were at the food table for an hour, and when my dad came to pick me up on his way home I got two slices of pizza and a banana butter cookie, the latter made by my English teacher from last year and her husband, my philosophy teacher from last year. (The pizza was Little Caesar's. We had cheese, pepperoni, sausage and veggie. I was considering getting veggie because I've never had proper veggie pizza before, but I decided on pepperoni.)

Anyways, after I got home, I had to deal with an issue in my private life, which made me nervous and took a while longer. I'm also pretty sure I have OCD, which I'm really tired of. I mean, I've displayed a lot of symptoms and all, but I've never asked my doctor or anything. So yeah, I don't know what's up with that. But whatever is going on in my brain is annoying.

Also, at lunch today, these two elementary schoolers came up to me. One of these girls said to me: "Oh my gosh, you're eating ramen, too? I love ramen! We're officially friends now. We're best friends for life!" and the girl next to her also expressed her love for ramen. I reacted by saying that I also loved ramen. They went on their merry way, and then a couple of minutes later, another girl from their table came up to me and said "sorry for that girl from earlier, she's crazy.". So yeah, that was pretty funny.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Golden Child - Let Me

Happy weekend! So it turns out that my English teaacher was actually telling the truth, because according to my Latin teacher, they only let us do projects for finals the past couple of years because of COVID, and because COVID is apparently no more, so, too, are the days of our lives projects as finals. My French teacher hasn't said anything about it, so hopefully she won't make us do a test. But yeah. So then, that begs the question, why the hell are we doing a final project and a test in English? Like, seriously.

But at least in French, Latin and English, plus bio, we've talked about finals. My precalculus teacher doesn't even know when she's going to test us over this chapter, let alone what the final is going to be. There's two and a half weeks until our precalc final. Why can't we start studying yet?

Also, I'm over having so much to do. I just don't want to have to do so much stuff. Can't we just get rid of half of this stuff? Like seriously.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: BoA - So Much In Love

So today was my first ever AP exam! I got up at 6:30 and quickly got ready, had some breakfast and a cup of tea, and made my way to school. I was cutting it a little short on time, or at least that's what I thought. When I showed up, I received the news that the high school principal, who was supposed to proctor, was nowhere to be seen. She showed up soon, and we started the multiple choice section. At one point, I got scared because I had four of one answer in a row, but I ended up changing the second-to-late one of those and didn't worry after that. We then had a break, which was much too short, before starting the free response questions.

Those were painful. Literally. My hand started cramping partway through, and did until I finished them. It didn't help that my stomach was cramping a little all morning as well, for some unknown reason. I started off trying to do really nice handwriting to appease the reader, but I soon realized that after fifteen minutes out of seventy-five, I had only done four out of seven parts of the first question of three, all of which also had seven parts. So yeah, I sped up, slightly sacrificing my handwriting prettiness for speed. Not too much, though. My handwriting is... interesting. I feel like it's readable, but not pretty. I'd consider being a doctor, but I'm not touching anything medical. Not my cuppa.

Anyways, after a long while, we finally finished, and were set loose. The proctoring principal (alliteration!) took a few minutes to gather her things, in which we talked and I ate. (I hadn't eaten at all since a pretty small breakfast three hours prior, so I was very hungry. I eat smaller breakfasts, so I generally end up having a mid-morning snack.) Anyways, at that point it was around 11 AM, or a little after, so the principal said that we had to go to our current class (which, on Thursday morning at that time, is a double period of math), but was okay if we "walked slowly", and then set off.

So naturally, we concluded that sitting down was close enough to walking slowly, and proceeded to sit down for around forty-five minutes and talked. My friend and I also watched about half of a Murder, She Wrote episode, until, at 11:45, she came back and saw us. She said "you all are walking too slowly, I'm disappointed in you." One of us pointed out that she was smiling, so she couldn't be that disappointed. But anyways, she sent us to class. We didn't have to do anything in precalc, because the teacher realized that we were definitely tired, so those of us who had taken the exam sat around for 15 minutes. Not much else happened today.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Reba McEntire - Somebody's Chelsea

So today is my last blog post before the AP exam! Apparently, it has to be at the same time for everyone everywhere, so we don't cheat or whatever by texting people, so we're having it at 8:00 AM. I feel sorry for the poor saps on the west coast of the US who have to take at blinkin' six o'clock in the morning. How do they do it? It sounds like hell at 8 AM, taking it at 6 AM sounds like a torture technique. Anyways, I'm ready for my poor hand to cramp in agony. And I know that I'll be skipping Latin, one of my favourite classes, but I'll probably have to go to most of precalculus, which I don't hate, but it is annoying.

Also, we have three weeks tomorrow until school lets out, if I remember correctly. And we haven't even started studying for finals. The only class where we've talked significantly about finals is English, where we're starting our final project (not to mention the exam, though she said that she'll be making that easy for us.). And I suppose we've been told that in French and Latin, we're doing projects instead of tests (take notes, Ms ******!), and that in bio, we're going to do a unit test over ecology with a few questions about other units. And then in Human Geo, we aren't learning anything new after the AP exam and aren't going to have any final in that class, which just leaves English and Precalculus as the only classes with true, real final exams. So I guess that I had better figure out what to study and start on studyin'.

Also, I've been watching a lot of 7th Heaven lately. Like, I've been spending most of my afternoons on school days watching it, from 4 or 5 until dinnertime. What can I say, it's an addicting show! I mean, I guess I should devote a bit more time to my homework, and I plan to do so, but yeah.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the Day: Heart - Alone

Happy May! My birthday is this month, which is really cool! Though none of my family asked what I want yet, which is kinda weird. Normally, my grandparents are always on top of the list-asking. so that's kind of weird. But oh well. I'm sure that they'll be asking soon enough. Anyways, I'm excited, I guess, but also, this birthday is one step closer to adulthood, and I don't want to be a responsible person. I guess part of it is because I go to a small school, so I feel like I haven't gotten a lot of the typical high school experiences. I've never dated a guy at my school, I've never had prom (though my school is starting prom this year), or any of that kind of stuff. I just want that classic highschool experience, you know? Like the movies.

Also, I had my practice AP exam this morning. My best friend wasn't present, since she's been out of town recently, but my other really close friend was there and we commiserated about it. We only had to do the free response questions, since we did the multiple choice questions in class on Thursday and Friday. So then after that, we went over the answers and I did pretty well! But anyways, I'm more confident about the AP exam, though I pity my poor right hand, which will cramp to heck and back from all of the writing.

Also, according to my English teacher, we have to do a final project in addition to a final exam. She claimed that us having an exam is school policy, according to the division directors. It's not. Multiple other classes are doing only projects, no tests. So I don't even know where she got that from, but it's false. Hopefully we can convince her. But I don't know.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about at the moment, so I'll talk to all y'all next time. Bye!

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