Blog - August 2022

31-8-2022 - 8:59 PM

Song of the Day: fromis_9 - To Heart

So I wanna start off by relating an especially interesting thing that happened to me yesterday. So my family and I like to go out to a certain restaurant pretty often, and it has a huge carpark out front (it shares a parking lot with a few huge stores, and there's some others on the other end of the carpark), and my parents are good friends with the owner, so after we had finished with our food, whilst my parents were having a good chinwag, I decided to dance around on the curb in front of one of the nearby stores. So there were these two guys who looked to be maybe university age, plus or minus a couple years (they were pretty far away so I couldn't see them very well). And so I was dancing to Catch Me If You Can by Girls' Generation (it was playing in my head? That sounds like a weird phrasing, but oh well.) and one of them shouts out to me, from halfway across this empty carpark: "I love your dancing!". I replied by shouting "thanks!", to which he responded with a simple shout of "fuck yeah!". So that kind of made my evening. Ya girl is starved for compliments from guys.

Anyways, school has been pretty stressful this week. I'm still playing catchup with psychology, and don't know what's going to go on with the assignments and assessments. Plus, I have an English book report due Friday, which I think I'm doing well on, but I'm not totally sure. And then there was my calculus today. I did pretty well on most of it, but there was one. freaking. problem. that I spent HALF AN HOUR on and still couldn't figure out, which was not very tubular. So God willing, my teacher will agree to go over it in class on Friday. But yeah.

And honestly, that's about it, I guess? School and homework are already taking up most of my life. I mean, seriously, whatever happened to easing our way back into school? Unless this is easing us back in, but that's a possibility that I don't want to think about. Also, my mother got me a Fitbit today. It's one of the old style, that wasn't a watch. I've tried to set it up with the program on my iMac, but it doesn't seem to be working, and I think that Fitbit are phasing it out or something. So it'll probably just lay around because I don't really have much free space on my iPhone (which I plan to replace with a flip phone in the next couple years anyways), and because I refuse on principle to support anything that requires a smartphone, which I find to be a purely idiotic thing to do.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. Let's all hope that my school workload decreases, and I'll talk to y'all next time!

29-8-2022 - 9:04 PM

Song of the Day: Nick Carter - I Got You

So this is the start of my first full, five-day week as a junior! It's honestly kind of scary. At least I won't have a full week again next week, since I have Monday off for labour day! But yeah. I'm getting pretty caught up with my psych notes, I guess. Though I had trouble logging into the on-line textbook today during my psych period, so I didn't get anything done that period. The book kept giving me a 504 error. Thankfully, it had resolved itself by my study hall, and I got four pages of notes done today, all in all, and got through most of the current module. I need to finish that one and do the short next one tomorrow to be on track, but I guess I'll allow myself a little slack since I don't have psych tomorrow. I'm going to try and get on track with the normal class by the end of the week.

Anyways, most of my classes other than that are going pretty well so far! Though I feel like I have a bit too much homework, especially for this time of year. Though to be fair, junior year is apparently supposed to be the hardest year. The club list is supposed to come out this week, and I desperately need extracurriculars, considering I only have two clubs from last year. (9th grade was 2020-2021, so we didn't have any clubs). I hope that the options are interesting!

Anyways, over the weekend I played some of that Splatoon 3 global Splatfest test thingie and it was really nice! I'm excited for the full release! But what I'm not really excited for is the autumn TV lineup, at least according to my TV Guide. None of the new shows really look interesting to me. I miss 80s and 90s (and some 00s) TV!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

27-8-2022 - 9:29 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation TTS - Dear Santa (yes I know it's August, no I don't care)

So to make up for yesterday's super long post (also because I'm boring) today's post is gonna be short. Basically, I've just been vegging out and doing homework, which I barely managed since I'm so tired. I'm less tired than yesterday, I guess, but I'm noticing it more. I had to watch an episode of this French language learning sitcom Extra for French (e-search it!), and it's actually pretty good, so I decided to watch some more! I especially love that it's a sitcom - if you've read my About me, you know I love sitcoms.

But yeah. I have to summarize a JSTOR article for English, but my school's subscription to JSTOR isn't working. I wonder what's with that? Anyways, I hope it starts working tomorrow, because it's due Monday!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

26-8-2022 - 8:49 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - Gee

So today, I got back from my school retreat! That's why I couldn't post a blog post last night. It was rather odd! Only one of my two best friends was there, since the other chose not to go, even though it was required attendance. After a rather chaotic hour-and-a-half bus ride (and we left a half-hour late), we arrived at a camp in the middle of nowhere, and being trans and closeted, I had to room with the boys, which was so fun. Then, we had my grade's activity that we planned: a massive game of hide and seek, with the upperclassmen seeking and the lowerclassmen hiding. My best friend and I wandered around instead of seeking. Then we had lunch, which was sloppy Joes, always a "good" choice. Yeah.

Then we split up into groups and some of us went to the pool. Me and these two other girls had a series of three-way water gun duels, of which I won at least one! It was really fun! Then, we went in groups to the "challenge course", at which point my genius self got my phone confiscated. I believe I was the only one out of probably 80 or 90% of us who brought our phones. Woot woot! Anyways, the challenge course was pretty underwhelming. Then, we had the freshmen-led activity, which was a rotation of a bunch of traditional camp games, like Red Light Green Light and Night at the Museum. After that, we had quesadillas for dinner, which were pretty good, though of course they don't measure up to my mum's quesadillas. It also had marshmallow Jell-O fluff on the side, which was surprisingly good.

After that we had my favourite of the grade-led activities: the seniors' activity. It was a combo of Sharks and Minnows and line dancing (once you got caught), specifically to the Bootscoot Boogie. My family is Southern, so I've heard that song a bazillion times in my life, so it was nice to finally learn the dance! Eventually, however, we stopped doing just that, and started just dancing to a bunch of songs, and people stopped dancing until there were maybe seven of us left. There were also glowsticks, and prizes for the two best dancers as voted by the teachers, and your girl just happened to win one! My oldest friend was the other winner. The prizes were these little glowstick holders in the shapes of squids (though they had eight little glowstick holes, I guess it's a squoctopus?) with little glowsticks in it. It's super cool!

Anyways, after we were through dancing, some other people who I'm friends with through my best friend who was on the trip, lay on the ground as this other friend of theirs blew bubbles at us and we popped them. At that point, the whole night started to seem ethereal and that might be my favourite moment. The tint of the sunset on the bubbles and the friendly conversation were just so fun, and were, as we said, "free therapy". Anyways, after a while, the whole high school went down to this bonfire to tell scary stories and eat s'mores, though I opted out of the s'mores as I felt like if I had one more bite of food I would toss my cookies. Anyways, my best friend told the only real attempt at a scary story, before a few senior boys took the podium and told scary stories they made up about many teachers, including the principal, who allegedly disappeared two kids who brought backpacks to class. Spoopy...

Anyways, after that, the group of my best friend that was on the trip and our other friends, plus a couple cool freshmen, went to the mess hall for karaoke whilst all the boring people went back to their cabins. At one point, we all gathered around to sing that song "Take A Hint" from Victorious, and I also did the full song and dance to Gee by Girls' Generation. It was really fun! One of the cool teachers was just laying in the foyer outside, which was very relatable.

We then went back to our cabins and chatted for a while, before eventually we all had lights out at around midnight. But of course, lights out doesn't mean that people will shut up, and people stayed up talking about politics for some reason until 12:30 or 12:45. I ended up falling asleep at around 2, which was partially because people wouldn't be quiet so I could relax until 12:30, plus the uncomfortable mattresses that were basically glorified gym mats, and the facts that we had to sleep in sleeping bags, which are super uncomfortable to me, not least because they always go back and forth between too hot and too cold. I ended up waking at around 4, and falling back asleep at around 4:30, and finally woke up at around 6:30 and got up at around 7:00 or 7:15. So it was not a fun night.

Anyways, at breakfast (for which I had a tiny bowl of Frosted Flakes, also the first time ever that I've had Frosted Flakes!) the principal, who had my phone, came up to my table, where there was one other person at the time, and commented about how my alarm on my phone is scary (it's just the normal iPhone sound). Anyways, I then had to shovel mulch as a volunteer project, and then we had free time until lunch. I rested my eyes for a while.

After that I wandered off and found a member of the group I was in, and we had the idea of repeating karaoke. We went around trying to gather people, and found a few, though a lot didn't want to go. We did get most of the group from last night, though. But the girl who also wanted to do it quit when we wanted to stay in the air-conditioned inside. We quickly ended up eschewing karaoke for Uno, which I was really good at. I won like three rounds! We also chatted for a while, and then had lunch, which was pasta, with way-too-crispy garlic bread and some decent corn and great cake.

After that, we packed up and loaded the bus, and before we could do the final activity, led by the sophomores, we discovered that the bus was supposed to leave at 2:00, not 3:30, so we booked it out of there. The principal was about to give me my phone back, but before she could get back from wherever she had it, the bus (which had the juniors and seniors) had left. My best friend and I tried to keep a tally of the delapidated barns and silos we saw on the drive, and I came up with 15 and 8, respectively, though I dozed off for about half of the ride. Anyways, that was my field trip! I got my phone back once we got back to school,a nd then my mum got me McDonald's as an afternoon snack, adn I've been vegging out since then.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

23-8-2022 - 7:11 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - You Think

So something pretty awkward happened yesterday in my French class. As a part of a review exercise we were doing, I had to translate a sentence and then decide which article was right in front of the class. But the sentence translated as "I'm having trouble understanding the exercise". Hilarity ensued, with not only the teacher, but my good friend trying to help me understand the exercise, which I understood! It took another classmate speaking up and saying that the translation was "I don't understand the exercise" (even though I'd already said that like five times) for the teacher to realize her mistake. So yeah, we all burst out laughing and it was all extremely awkward.

Also, I finally got the form signed to drop my publications class this morning! My best friend and I tried to hunt the teacher down after school on Friday, but even after circling the school five times, we couldn't. But we found him today! So now I'll have a study hall, so I can finally get things done! Also, I finally was able to start my psych class yesterday after getting all the stuff from the teacher! So yeah.

We're also starting our first chemistry lab, in which we're going to take the zinc out of washers and learn how to do spreadsheet stuff. I also had my first calculus flashcard quiz this morning, which I did pretty well on, and my first Latin homework quiz of the year, which I think I did well on, too. I also had my first Socratic Seminar today, and I thought I was going to be all eloquent, but then I forgot half of what I was going to say. And my best friend, who has study hall last period instead of any class, sat in on my History of Rock and Roll class. So yeah, it's been pretty interesting. But I feel like I barely have any free time, which is super crappy. :( Also, I won't be able to post here on Thursday, because I'll be on my mandatory class retreat, which is going to be so much fun. Ugh.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

21-8-2022 - 7:49 PM

Song of the Day: BEBE6 - Promise You

So I already had homework this weekend! I had some videos to watch for English, which was pretty simple, or it would have been if Google Classroom had been working right. But of course it didn't. For as long as I can remember, my school e-mail and Google stuff have all signed me out every ten minutes or so, and it's the same for all of us at my school. But suddenly this weekend, it went from ten minutes to about ten seconds, and again, it's the same for everyone else. And we moved from our old system Powerschool to Google Classroom this year, so it's happening there, too, and I had to sign in on every page, and it was not very fun.

I also had a little calculus thing to practice using my calculator, which was easy enough, and some math practice for chemistry, sig figs and all that. I also had to write a "grandma slug" letter, explaining a meme to a supposedly really smart old lady who somehow doesn't know what electrons are. And my chem teacher is new, as I said last time, so I don't know how lenient or strict he'll be with grading, or how he's going to grade, so I'm pretty nervous. Hopefully I do well!

Anyways, this school year so far just feels like a weird version of last year. This summer was a pretty bummer-esque summer, too, or at least a lot of it was. Oh well. I hope the rest of the year is more fun and all! (A boyfriend would also be nice.) But yeah.

Also, I've been having a bit of a creative block with this site. I've kind of run out of ideas for cool new pages, so I guess I'll try and make the ones that are here better, and hopefully I'll come up with more ideas for new pages soon!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

19-8-2022 - 8:47 PM

Song of the Day: SISTAR - Loving U

So my first week of school - a whopping two days! - is finally done. Both of these days felt kind of like their own mini eternities, so I'll try and give all y'all the Cliff's Notes version, but don't be surprised if this turns into an anthology. Anyways, let's get this show on the road!

So my year started off with one of my favourite classes: Latin! I have the same teacher as last year and she's pretty cool and pretty fun, so it was nice and fun. I also had AP Lang, with another pretty cool teacher that I had before, and then I ran into the first hiccup of my year: psychology. I had signed up for project-based psychology, but not only did I get stuck in AP psychology, it's independent study, because I have AP Calculus, AP Language and Latin Readings in the three time slots when the psychology teacher teaches psychology. I was not alerted of this, of course, until I got my schedule the day before school started, which its own weird thing, but oh well.

Anyways, I ended up waiting outside of the room where the class was listed to be on my schedule for the entire period, but the teacher wasn't even at school apparently. I ended up having an e-mail exchange with the teacher, and planned to meet with her today to discuss what the heck to do, but she was absent again, so I spent today's psych period faffing about on the Web.

Anyways, I have a new teacher for French, one of my favourite classes, this year, since the old one moved to a new school. This new one is actually from France, unlike the last one, and so far she seems pretty cool, though I still miss the old teacher. They're both really good teachers, but in different ways. This new one seems more academically rigorous, so we'll learn more, but still pretty fun, but the old one was fun, yet a bit more casual.

I also kind of prefer the dynamic that we had with the old teacher, since we only had four people in our class for most of the year last year, which is why it was so casual, but now we have six, since our class is combined with the grade above us, which also happened two years ago, though that year we had eight or ten or so. Anyways, I'm looking forward to see how the class will go this year!

Anyways, I also have History of Rock and Roll as an elective. The first day of class was pretty cool, but not super interesting, we just had a little presentation. Then, today, I started the day with my first day of AP Calc, which is made up of about ten of the fifteen or twenty from my precalc class last year. One of the louder students isn't in the class anymore, which is pretty relieving. Nothing against him, but he's a little much to handle in the middle of math class.

And my last class that I have is chemistry, which I also started this morning. The science teacher from last year, who was pretty fun and whose class was also very easy, isn't here anymore, and his replacement taught at a military academy for a while, so he's kind of intimidating. Anyways, we had a pointless beginning-of-year assembly today, where we just faffed about for a while, and my friends and I made sarcastic comments the whole time, as usual. We also had a community service workshop thingie today, where we also made sarcastic comments, because the whole thing was pretty pointless. I also had to find the principal, since I'm going to drop my publications class, which I haven't started yet, for a study hall because of the whole psych thing. I thought it was going to be more of a yearbook thing, but instead it's just the newspaper, which I don't want to do anyways, because I definitely don't want to be a journalist anymore, so that's another reason.

Anyways, that's my first two days of junior year! I hope all my blog posts aren't this long-winded. My grade was also supposed to have two new guys, one of whom was handsome according to the gossip, but neither of them have showed up. Apparently, we are going to get a foreign exchange student, though, who's some girl from South America. But yeah, looks like another year without even the possibility of a boyfriend for me :/. Unless I go long-distance (which I don't particularly desire), or date a public school guy, but I don't know anyone who goes to a public school near me. So yeah.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

17-8-2022 - 8:40 PM

Song of the Day: Kitten Girls - U Me Us

And alas, one more, summer holiday is ending. Today was supply drop off. My mum and I popped by the school this morning and dropped my things off, and it's oddly the same yet oddly different. I don't know how to describe it exactly, but it's just... odd. I'm (reluctantly) looking forward with curiosity, if not exactly excitement, to the first day of school tomorrow. I wonder what my new teachers and classes will be like? Anyways, afterwards, we went to Panchero's, probably my favourite restaurant, for lunch. I had lettuce on my burrito, which I'd somehow never had before! Anyways, it was a great lunch!

Speaking of lunch, yesterday, I also had lunch with my mum, at a barbecue restaurant that my parents and I used to go to for lunch every Saturday, until the end of last year, when my dad became tired of it. It was just as I had remembered: delicious! Though the dining room was oddly drafty. Though that was probably because it was rainy - woot woot! Longtime readers of this blog will know that I am quite fond of rain, and yesterday we had the first good rain we've had in a month or two! Hopefully, that has rejuvenated my grandpa's creek, because when my parents and I visited my grandparents last weekend, the creek was in a sorry, sorry state.

Anyways, we haven't gotten around to that ice-dying yet. Perhaps this weekend? Anyways, after intending to for a long time, I finally printed off a couple things to tape to my laptop as DIY laptop decor! I was inspired to do it ages ago by Pinterest (one of the few non-meme things on my Pinterest) and I printed off the following: a Verivery logo, a Girls' Generation logo, a YouTube logo and a British flag in the shape of my heart to express my inner Anglophile. I think it's going to look pretty cute!

Goodbye, O sweet Summer. You were too dang hot, and I had a mental breakdown, but I feel like I grew as a person this summer. Plus I didn't have to deal with schoolwork. Farewell, O Summer! See ya next year!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

15-8-2022 - 8:59 PM

Song of the Day: Blackpink - As If It's Your Last

So last night my mum and I did our annual end-of-summer tie-dye! Except we've been meaning to try ice-dying on a few things, and we were going to do that today but didn't get around to it. Anyways, we did a tonne of tie-dying and it was really cool! Though at one point, we did confuse a shirt with a pair of shorts, so it didn't go exactly as planned, but oh well. Variety is the spice of life! So are the Spice Girls, I guess. Every boy and every girl, spice up your life!

Anyways, I've been playing a tonne of Super Mario Odyssey today and yesterday. I already played it through earlier this year but it's so great that I wanted to replay it and I've discovered tonnes of secrets that I didn't find the first time around! I also started a gaming page for this site to tie in with that. Let's see when that shows up!

Also, at lunch today, I was making my sandwich, but when I got the avocado (which should be ripe), it was weird and tough and not really that good. So I didn't have any avocado on my sandwich, which was a bit of a bummer. I also had some ice cream in this afternoon for the first time in a while! It was nice chocolatey chocolate, which was lovely. So yeah.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

14-8-2022 - 8:43 PM

Song of the Day: Luke Bryan - Rain Is A Good Thing

I'm so sorry for not updating a blog post yesterday, but I got home at almost 11 PM and I was so tired so I went straight to getting ready for bed! And somehow didn't end up falling asleep until well after 2:00 AM for some reason despite the fact that I had just spent an hour and a half half-asleep in a dark car and had spent most of the day around my energetic (like, concerningly so) little cousins, so I've been tired all day, but oh well.

Anyways, I spent the day at my mum's parents' place! We set out at like 9:00 and got there at about 11:00, and then ran around with my cousins until lunch, and then ran around and played Minecraft with them for a while. I found out that apparently they know who Dream is. I wonder if they know TommyInnit? By the by, I've been watching quite a few of his videos recently, and they're really great!

But anyways, around 3:00, we decided to drive around in my grandpa's jitney (gitney?), basically an overgrown, glorified golf cart. My uncle, youngest cousin and I drove down to their house, with my two other little cousins who live there on fourwheelers, even though the elder is ten. Meanwhile, I'm fully a sixteen year old young woman and I can't ride a bicycle for more than fifteen seconds without falling off.

Anyways, we looked at their cows and my little cousin let a calf stuck on his hand, and then chased us (especially me) into and around their house with his slobbery hand until I made all my cousins wash their hands. And then after faffing about there for a while, we drove back to my grandparents' house and my cousins and I made up some weird game where one of us sits in the hammock out back and the others wait on them for three wishes, and then we change places. And two of my little cousins also sang that song "Rain Is A Good Thing" that goes "rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, whiskey makes my baby get a little frisky", which was kind of a weird song for an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old to sing, but oh well.

We faffed around for a little while longer until like 7:00, when my mother and I took my grandpa's pickup truck out for me to drive around a little bit, including my first time driving a proper vehicle on a proper road! Though to be fair, it was a gravel road, but still. And I think I did pretty well! And then we went to my grandpa's field, where I practiced stopping and starting, the latter of which is still kind of my rough spot because of the clutch. I'm just pretty bad about letting off the clutch and pushing the gas at the exact right time, but I'm getting better!

Whilst we were driving, we also ran into my grandpa and uncle, who were out unrolling a hay bale for the cows to eat, accompanied by my youngest cousin, who decided to ride back with us, and a black stray dog that apparently just showed up on my aunt and uncle's doorstep. I named him Pilot after Mr. Rochester's dog in Jane Eyre, which I just finished rereading! He kept running in front of the truck, which was annoying, but overall, he's cute! I kind of want a dog, but my parents and I don't have enough space in our house for one so he'd have to be an outdoor dog like all my mum's family's dogs are, though our backyard is quite a bit smaller than all my family's pastures.

Anyways, after we had driven around for a while (including the eldest of the three cousins that were there, the ten-year-old, showing up and, with his father's permission, riding in the bed of the pickup truck, which I've done before - it's actually pretty fun!), we headed back to the house and just before dark, my cousins insisted on one more game, so we decided to play tag, which resulted in us all running full-speed ahead around my grandparents' house many times, and ended with me having to take a time-out because I was wheezing and my lungs hurt. Meanwhile, my little cousins were absolutely unaffected. Anyways, we then had sandwiches for dinner, and then I played a little Minecraft with my cousins, and then we went on our way home.

Also, the bread on my sandwich that I had for lunch ereyesterday (which means the day before yesterday for you normal people out there that don't know) was kind of burnt and I feel like the store's French loaves are smaller than normal, which bugs me slightly. Oh well.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

11-8-2022 - 8:51 PM

Song of the Day: AR Rahman & The Pussycat Dolls - Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)

So I can report that it has become cooler! Though cooler doesn't necessarily mean cool. I can confirm that it's still like way hot. Today, I went to the library with my mother to finish our summer reading and get these cool water bottles they had as rewards. I also got some computer books about making Web sites to peruse in case they have any new ideas for my Web site, because I'm honestly kind of running out of ideas for new pages. It was a pretty interesting trip.

And then my mother and I went to the thrift shop on the way home. I found a nice purse for $2.00 and my mother let me get some women's clothes! Which I regard as an absolute win! I got a few cute blouses that I really like! My mother and I went to Goodwill yesterday and I found a couple pretty nice shirts too. I was hoping to find an iPod there, but no dice. I did find an iPod dock though! I haven't tested it out yet, but I don't know if the rubber band around the power brick it all that promising. Oh well. I assume if Goodwill took it, it's not going to blow up the house. Anyways, it was pretty interesting.

Also, if y'all remember the time my grandparents' house almost burnt down (go read my blog from like last month if you don't know what I'm talking about), then you'll know I was disappointed by the unhunkiness of the firemen that showed up. (Only one out of five was hunky, despite firemen's reputation for being super handsome.) Well, I can report that that's finally been made up for! There were firemen at the library for some reason or another (I think it was some sort of mistake or something) and of the two I saw, they were pretty hunky! Granted, I only saw them briefly, so I don't know for sure, but yeah.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

9-8-2022 - 8:56 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - Paper Plane

It's supposed to be at least somewhat cooler in these coming days! At least it will be at night, which will help keep the overnight electrical bills down. Seriously, we've been having to turn the thermostat down by four degrees Farenheit at night, which, at least according to my parents, is impossibly expensive. I gladly welcome the return of autumn: at least in terms of weather, autumn is my favourite season, though the return of school is something I rather dread. I have just over a week until I have to go back to school! Ugh.

Anyways, I went to the dentist yesterday, and got the news that my eyes aren't really different from a year ago! Woot woot! Actually, the optometrist said she suspected that they would've worsened, since I'm a rather avid reader, but I also watch quite a bit of TV, so I guess that that balanced them out.

Also, I've started casually replaying Super Mario Odyssey these past couple of days, and I started casually replaying Super Mario 3D World a week or two ago. They're both games that (for the most part) one can just pop into for a few minutes here and there and grab a few moons or finish a few levels, and I quite like that! So yeah.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about this time. I'll talk to y'all next time!

7-8-2022 - 8:42 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - Closer

I'm feeling much better tonight! Yesterday was pretty boring, and today has been pretty boring as well, but I've been feeling much better today overall. My parents and I had pancakes for dinner, which was honestly unsatisfying. Dinner should be a big meal so you don't need a tonne of snacks throughout the evening, but four pancakes is not a big enough dinner. So I've had some crackers, some yoghurt, and two granola bars so far, and dinner wasn't even an hour ago.

But yeah. It's been ungodly hot recently, but thank God, it's going to get a little cooler tomorrow, and then after that it's going to get a couple degrees cooler and stay that way for a while! Thank God! A second Absolutely Horrid Heat Wave has come to an end. Hopefully we can all be cooler and much more comfortable soon! I'm fully sick of the dang heat. So yeah. I can't wait for winter! Though the one thing I don't like about winter weather is that it's dry. But oh well, I'll just get a humidifier or something.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now since my life is pretty boring at the moment. I'll talk to y'all next time!

5-8-2022 - 8:36 PM

Song of the Day: Girls' Generation - Forever 1

Happy Forever 1 day! As soon as I got up this morning, I watched the MV for Forever 1 and it's so amazing! This is definitely my song of the summer! I mean, something could theoretically still overtake it, but my school starts in like two weeks, so there's not much summer left. Wow, that's scary. I don't feel like I've done very much with my summer. I mean, I haven't done any volunteering, which I thought I would do, but at least I worked on my site and all, and found out more about me, and I started working on trying to improve myself. But I digress. I listened to the entire album this morning too on YouTube, and it's all really good! My favourite b-sides are Closer and Lucky Like That. I plan to do a full album review over the weekend!

Anyways, I had McDonald's for lunch yesterday, which was pretty cool, except I had a pretty late lunch and a large unsweet tea, which, given the freaking leviathan sizes of soft drink cups in America, meant that it took me another hour to hour and a half to fall asleep compared to normal. So yeah, I've been pretty tired all day today. Also, today and yesterday, I've decided that I'm going to start taking a walk around the backyard in the morning (or, as I like to call it, to sound all fancy, "taking a few turns about the yard") in order to try and get a better start to my day. I think it's been working pretty well so far, but we'll see!

Also, I've been keeping up my treadmill habit, and I walked two miles almost nonstop at three and a half miles an hour today, with a short jogging break and a couple of minutes where I went at three miles an hour. I know I've done more (my two days in a row where I did four miles at four miles an hour on an actual trail), but I'm still pretty impressed with my progress and I'm trying to build up my endurance. We'll see how that goes!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

3-8-2022 - 9:12 PM

Song of the Day: Joey Lawrence - I Can't Help Myself

So I figured out what was wrong with the Terri Clark CD. It wasn't the DRM that made it not work on my computer - it was my CD/DVD player. I tried three other CDs that I bought today (I'll talk about that in a second) and none of them worked, and I think that the files that I got from the old computer didn't work because they're WMA files, not MP3. Bloody Microsoft, always with their proprietary crap. So eventually, I tried to get an old version of iTunes on the old computer, which didn't work, so I had to get them into iTunes as mp3 files on my mother's old Windows 7 computer and then onto a flash drive, which finally worked. I'd've done the Terri Clark CD too, but I don't know where that got off to.

Anyways, my mother and I went on a shopping trip today! First, we stopped by a thift shop. I found a Murder, She Wrote book and a cute infinity scarf. One of the little old ladies who worked there said that a certain blouse, which was pretty cute, would "look perfect on someone tiny like me". I felt super validated and girly! But my mother wouldn't let me buy it, because she said the neck was too big. :(

Anyways, after a quick stop at the bank, we popped over to the mall. At the CD store, I bought three CDs and one DVD: the DVD was season 11 of Murder, She Wrote, and the CDs were: BTR by Big Time Rush, Denim & Rhinestones by Carrie Underwood and Joey Lawrence by Joey Lawrence. That last CD made my mother giggle all through the rest of our trip, which was kind of annoying. I mean, what can I say? He's a great actor and a great singer, and my gosh, is he hunky! I mean, Joey Lawrence circa 1994 is my ideal boyfriend. I practically swoon everytime I listen to Nothin' My Love Can't Fix!

And then after than, we went to Barnes & Noble, where I got the following books: Villette by Charlotte Brontë, A Lady For A Dule by Alexis Hall, Murder, She Knit by Peggy Ehrhart and another Murder, She Wrote book. I looked for Ann Reardon's cookbook, but they didn't have it. They did have Rosanna Pansino's but it was 30 frickin' dollars! So yeah, no. I'm really excited to read that Alexis Hall book, since it's a historic romance (which I love) starring a trans girl (which I am), so yeah. It sounds super cool!

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

1-8-2022 - 8:59 PM

Song of the Day: Terri Clark - A Little Gasoline

So I slept a lot better last night! I realized that when I woke up during the night, I normally woke up hungry, so I ate some extra snacks before bed and I didn't wake up until about 6:00, and after a quick granola bar, I went right back to sleep! So yeah, I think that's my big problem. Which has been exacerbated by me trying to exercise recently, and trying to go to bed earlier so I don't have the time to snack as much in the evenings. But yeah.

Also, I'm having one of my bi-annual rereading of Jane Eyre right now. Well, I mean, I only read it for the first time a year ago, but I've decided that rereading it is now a twice yearly thing. And I'm rewatching The Autobiography of Jane Eyre at the same time! Though I started the rewatch before the reread and I'm getting through the series much faster than the book.

Also, I found a CD lying around the house recently: Fearless by Terri Clark. I tried to import it into my iTunes, but it wouldn't show up on my computer, so I tried the trusty old XP computer and also poked through the enhanced CD. The enhanced CD is so cool! It's an interactive little game type thing! However, I did have one big disappointment: the CD has DRM. I completely forgot that was even a thing on CDs! But oh well. I don't know how I'll get the music onto my iPod now, but I'll figure that out.

Anyways, that's about all that I'm going to talk about right now. I'll talk to y'all next time!

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