Song of the day: Tiffany - I Think We're Alone Now

Happy end of November! The eleventh month has come to an end, and yet the high on Thursday is twenty-one degrees. How? This time last year there had already been accumulating snow! Meanwhile, we've only had flurries this year. :( I'm dreeeaming of a white Christmassss... At least it's raining right now!

Also, the time until finals is decreasing. :( Our English teacher (long-term subsitute for the time that my normal teacher's been on maternity leave) cancelled our quiz that was supposed to be this week, but we have to do a Socratic Seminar before the final. If you don't know, a Socratic seminar is a graded discussion where you have to contribute, answering certain questions. I'm dreading it, but at least we don't have to do an essay. Speaking of essays, I finally turned in my big Current Events essay, a couple days early actually! I wonder how I did? I suppose I'll just have to wait and see.

Also, I finally finished my Christmas list and gave it to my mother, because she insists on being the one to distribute it to my family. My list is pretty short this year, so I don't know if I'm going to get anything else or what. Just Like Omega Mart, I have no idea what's in-store! Anyways, I'm so excited for Christmas! The only things that could make me more holly jolly is 1) if it would snow, please and thank you, and 2) if I had a cute Hallmark-esque relationship. I could definitely see myself being a character in some sort of gay coming-of-age Hallmark movie if such a film could ever exist. Alas, I can dream!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Patti LaBelle - This Christmas

Alas, my holiday is over, much too soon. And I am here, left with a feeling of "What the heck did I do?!? Minecraft?!?!?". I did do some Minecraft, and today I started building a boat in my world. Also, yesterday, I played with my cousins. (My little cousin remarked that my skin looked like a girl, and since I was playing on Minecraft Pocker Edition, I learned that skins there BLINK, which gave me the creeps.)

Which is a nice segue to American Thanksgiving part 2! I once again had many rolls, plus there was mac and cheese this time! Also, in the afternoon, my mother, aunt and I went out to the field and I learned to drive a proper vehicle! The truck was a manual, and so the whole pushing in the clutch AND the brake to stop thing tripped me up a bit, but oh well. I was also a bit (read: very much) too gradual getting started after I stopped, because you have to let off the clutch gradually to get going. (I suppose my mind took it to the extreme.)

Anyways, although there were many of my family's cows in our way (including one very obstinent black and white one), I didn't hit anything! Although as I was turning onto the road to get from my grandparents' pastures to their driveway (That's right, I drove on a real road in a real vehicle for about ten seconds!), I did turn a bit too sharp and got into the very edge of their ditch, which startled us all a bit. But I suppose that's pretty much par for the course for my first time driving.

Also, between both American Thanksgivings, nobody asked for my Christmas list! I thought someone would've asked me for one by Michaelmas at the latest, but surprisingly not! But mine is pretty much finished, so I need to give it to my parents to they can divvy it up. Honestly, I don't really want that much this year! I already rambled about this last time, but I really don't. It's kind of weird: I'm asking for much less but my expectations still aren't very high. Oh well. Also, we put up our Christmas tree today, including the fairy lights and star! It doesn't have any ornaments yet, though. Anyways, I feel like I'm pretty good at branch-fluffing by this point. (We use a fake tree that looks real, and comes apart for us to store in a box for the rest of the year, so we have to fluff the branches whenever we put it back together.)

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Britney Spears - Girl In The Mirror

So besides yesterday being American Thanksgiving, most of my past two days have been spent playing Minecraft and working on my site. I built an enchanting building, a bakery, and a chicken coop thingy in my new world which I love! I have five dogs by now, plus a horse in addition to my cat and donkey. I'm planning to build a boat and a lighthouse soon!

So now to Thanksgiving. We went to my family's last night and dinner was great! There was Jell-O salad, rolls, turkey, amshed poatatoes, corn, and more! The only thing that could've made it any better was mac and cheese. :) I ended up having four rolls (my grandparents' rolls are friggin amazing) and some turkey and corn and Jell-O salad and that kind of stuff, plus we got to take the leftover rolls home:) Also, my grandpa gave me a little container of doughnut holes on the way out! So overall, good first Thanksgiving dinner.

And so tomorrow, we're dropping by the other side of the family for dinner as well. And I urgently need to finalize my Christmas list, because people are going to be asking me for it constantly starting from now. But I generally don't want that much other than gift cards, a Switch Lite, and a few small items, so I don't know what's going to happen. My mum has said that she will make me some sort of 90s basket though. I'm excited for Christmas. I love the whole season and I'm hoping for snow soon! It's been way too sunny lately.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Debbie Gibson - Electric Youth

My autumn holiday is half over and I really haven't accomplished much. Ugh. But then, it's only one week: can I really do much in that time? Oh well. I have at least been able to accomplish some in Minecraft. In my new world, I made an actually good house! (I made a blueprint beforehand in my sketchbook world, so it wasn't a bloody disaster.) I also tamed a donkey and two llamas, as well as two dogs (I also got a baby dog from them!) and a cat!

Also, for some reason, the YouTube algorithm recommended some clips from Chris Hansen's programme Crime Watch Daily today, and thus I lept down a rabbit hole. How typical of me. I've also been watching The Checkout pretty often (as usual). Anyways, today my mother and I finished putting up our Christmas fairy lights in front of our house. Or rather, she put them up whilst I occasionally helped and mostly danced around. (I have no idea how to do that kind of stuff.)

Also, I still haven't finished my Christmas list. I'm seeing some family tomorrow, and (of course) they'll be asking for it. I don't really want much though, besides gift cards, money, and maybe a CD or book or two. I suppose I'm not at that age anymore where I'm asking for tonnes of stuff. I haven't been for a while, but it's just now hitting me. Oh well. Now that I think about it, I do kind of want a Switch Lite, but I won't count my Animal Crossing chickens before they hatch.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Shannon Williams - Why Why

So this morning my mother and I went on a shopping "spree"! We went to the CD/games/DVD shop in the mall, which didn't really have anything of interest. Oh well. I also saw that they had Switch Lites, both of which were like $40 over the MSRP. Then, we stopped by Game Stop, which has completely gotten rid of their Wii and Wii U games. :(. I also checked if they had any consoles, and they didn't. I did see some interesting games though,all for the Switch. I really want one!

Our final stop was Target, where we actually bought things. (Le gasp!) They were all out of Switch Lites (though I wasn't going to get one anyway - I didn't have any money on me and my mother wouldn't buy me one so close to Christmas). But I did get some concealer - a lighter shade this time - as well as some scrunchies (still on my '90s kick) and a value pack of a crap tonne of hum. My mum promptly took the scrunchies, though, because they're going to be a Christmas gift.

Also, I did a bit more French knitting! It's not a tonne, but I'm still rather proud of myself. Also, I ended up having to start another Minecraft world (I was having difficulties with 1.17, so I had to start a new one, which is in 1.16.) I made a big house, but I haven't got any wolves yet. :( Also, I played the 1.18 beta, and I have some gripes with it, but that's a rant for another time.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Time Machine

So yesterday was the big reading/volunteering day. We ended up sorting clothes, mostly children's clothes. And of course, we found a sexy police officer costume in with the children's clothes. (My parents got a hoot out of that when I told them.) It very much felt like we were being forced to do community service after committing a misdemeanour. But at least it's finally autumn break!

Also, I started a new Minecraft survival world this morning. My previous one's house was in an inconvenient location (see my earlier posts about excavating an entire mountain to have any flat space to build things.) In the first day, I found and tamed six wolves in the nearby forest! I also started making a new house, which is much less normal than the one in my prior world. It's pretty weird, and unfinished, so I'll include a pic by the time it's finished, which will hopefully be my next blog entry.

Also, my efforts to gradually start eating healthier are still continuing! I ate out for lunch today (as my family likes to do every Saturday when we can), but if I had stayed in I would've had a nice, healthy sandwich. (Instead I had some roast turkey, garlic bread, baked beans, and a couple fries). And last night I had half a bag of baby carrots. (I still don't know how I ate all of those.) And so my quest will continue this week. I wish myself the best of luck.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - Time

So today was my school's big dinner/party/thinly-veiled attempt to get a tonne of extra money on top of the millions of tuition per year combined that they get from all of us. There was a 90s basket ot bid on at a reasonable price, which excited me! But alas, someone bid on it before we could. :(

Also, I met a friend of mine's boyfriend, who looks exactly like him but with a moustache. (If you ask me, most people in general, and especially all high schoolers, should never have facial hair ever). Also, I found out some boring gossip about who in my grade likes whom. (Our grade hasn't been interesting since half of us left after middle school).

Also, I think my precalc test this morning went pretty well. It really didn't take me that long, and I knew pretty much everything! Also, my "pride" (basically a combo between study hall and homeroom) started watching Clue today during our lunch/study time. (Today's lunch was pizza, and we had some other food we brought in.) We're going to finish it tomorrow!

Also, I'm still so excited for out reading day tomorrow! I have a murder mystery-themed session, and a Jane Austen thing (which I got put in twice for some reason - I'm assuming they'll fix that before tomorrow morning), as well as reading time. I always love that day!

But then in the afternoon, the entire grade is going to be driven off to sort donations for immigrants or something. Mandatory volunteering is somewhat of a thing at my school (for some reason, we supposedly need 40 hours of service to graduate). It genuinely feels like we've committed some sort of misdemeanour or something.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Girls' Generation - How Great Is Your Love (Still Believe In Love)

So I had a Human Geo exam today. Originally, it was supposed to be just the multiple choice today and the free response questions on Thursday, but the teacher shortened it so we were able to do it all today. Honestly, the FRQ was surprisingly easy! We had the aid of the stupid one-pagers we made, but mine was no help whatsoever. Oh well.

Also, as this is the week before autumn break, I'll have more exams to come. I have a bio one tomorrow, and a precalc one Thursday. Thankfully, my bio teacher is really good in that the tests are generally very similar to the study guides, just shuffled around and stuff. And then Friday, we have the big reading and special activity bonanza day, which also has mandatory volunteering in recent years. We're doing something or otehr to do with refugees, but I don't know exactly what.

Also, I still have a cold. Thankfully, I've discovered the lovely things known as "cold medicine". Thank God! I've also been sleeping on two pillows and a body pillow so that my body is kind of on an incline, as opposed to my normal two pillows, which definitely helps. Protip!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: GFRIEND - Fingertip

So I went over to my family's again tonight to celebrate my dad's birthday which is this month. There were only a few of us there, and my uncle tried to get rid of a bunch of breadsticks. (It's a long, long story.) Anyways, we came home with some, and I had four at dinner, as well as a sandwich and most of a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Anyways, I told several long, winding stories about various field trips and other odd school-related things. My uncle was the main one listening, but my mother butted in every few minutes to tell me to stop complaining about the past. Oh well.

Also, I finally got around to reading Agatha Christie! I previously read And Then There Were None for summer reading in 7th grade, and now I'm reading Murder on the Orient Express on my Kindle. I've really loved mystery novels recently! I think I want to read a Miss Marple novel next. I watched a Miss Marple film once, which was very lovely. (I forgot which one it was but it was on a ship). Anyways, it's very lovely!

Also, I have a cold now. Ugh. It creeped in Friday morning, and the cold brain was in full swing by fourth period. Anyways, Im less confused now, but more congested. Seriously. I'd much rather have a runny nose than a stuffy one, especially when I'm trying to sleep. The cough is also pretty dang annoying, and I'm just sick of this. And it's only been three days! Colds are supposed to last a week! Ugh.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Ray Charles - Georgia On My Mind

So yesterday and especially today, I've been watching a lot of Blossom. Which makes sense, considering I've worn through all of The Nanny and The Facts Of Life that I can record reruns of, plus all of The Golden Girls, Gilmore Girls, and Designing Women, so Blossom and Murder, She Wrote are the only shows I have left to finish. Anyways, I really like the show!

Also, I baked bread (or rather my mother did, because I had a crap ton of work this week. Speaking of school, today the counselor sat my grade down and we talked about health. And that, of course, involved talks about diets. And considering that (despite my being healthy) I don't have the best diet (although I'm improving), That kinda just made me feel like a guilty piece of crap. Which, coupled with the fact that I came down with a cold over the course of last night and this morning, made today kind of crappy.

But, of course, today wasn't all crap. (That would make for a major bummer of a blog post.) My English teacher cancelled our weekend homework, and my Human Geo teacher was out today, so we had our favourite sub. We had to play some matching game, and none of us got finished! Also, we just had my Current Events class to goof off, which is always nice.

And then, to top it off, it started flurrying after school! A couple of the snowflakes were pretty big! Sadly, the ground was too warm, so it didn't accumulate, and there wasn't a tonne anyways, but it was still lovely! I'm so excited for winter :)

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Westlife - World Of Our Own

So my Human Geo project is finally over and done with for the most part. We just have to talk a bit about it tomorrow and that's that! I don't know why my teacher gives us so many projects, back-to-back, though. It really gets exhausting. As least we don't have to do reading and makes notes, though. And I have to admit, that one about my family history was actually decently fun! Though the fun part was just talking to my family, so I think that's less because of the project and more because of my family.

Also, since we're reading The Great Gatsby, today we watched part of the film version in English. We hollered and cheered when we saw that meme bit with Gatsby raising his glass, and I'm kind of surprised that my Latin teacher, whose room is next door, didn't come over to tell us to simmer down. Most of the rest of it was kind of just complaining, though. A lot of it was weirdly modernized, and there were pretty... odd scenes that weren't in the book. Also, when I made some remark about Nick and Gatsby being gay and in love with each other (because let's face it, they clearly are), a classmate yelled at me that they aren't. Oy.

Also, I quite liked my acting class today. I did a scene with a friend of mine (I think it was from a play called Love Awkwardly or something like that.) Anyway, she played this guy Eddie who was unrequitedly in love with my character, Wendy. It was a really nice scene and I think we really worked well together! Some of the scenes our classmates performed were also especially good.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Judy Garland - The Trolley Song

So the hill excavation in Minecraft is almost complete! It's a really nice thing to do when I have nothing better to do, so most of the time I'm home. Also, my Human Geo teacher is so vague with the guidelines. My best friend and her partner for the project asked him today how long he wanted our respones to the questions to be and he responded with some non sequitur about something or other. But this is kind of par for the course, I suppose.

Also, I had to present my chapter discussion question today for The Great Gatsby and I think it actually went pretty well! Though the teacher started talking about something partway through my response. Oh well.

Also, the time change (as usual) is still kinda screwing with me. I was way hungrier than usual before lunch today, and it's super weird seeing the sun set at 5 when just a couple weeks ago it was setting at half past 6. Also, yesterday morning, I was woken up an hour early because I hadn't changed my alarm clock (for some reason I thought it did that on its own). And then something something (it's a blur) and I got up an hour late? I don't know. Honestly, life is more of a blur as the days go on. How is it still like two more weeks until our next week off? Oy.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Hot Chelle Rae - Hung Up

So this has been a long two days. Yesterday, I had my favourite sub for both Biology AND Human Geo, which was cool! But in Human Geo, for some reason (it was supposed to be a work day) we ended up having a round table discussion about various controversial issues, like Northern Ireland, the separation of church and state, and whether cheesecake is a pie or cake. Apparently the discussion (which I, being very tired, didn'y really get involved in) got very rowdy because after class, when we were in the hallway, my English teacher from last year, whose room is next door, came up to us in the hallway and told us to be quiet.

Also, it really hit me today how much work I have. I cried a little bit about both that and the fact that I hate salad. Fun fun fun! But seriously, going to a private school isn't as glitzy as it seems sometimes. I have some precalc homework, but I forgot to bring the book home or take pictures of the pages, so I'm kind of floundering. I also have that project, which I'm nervous about, but not quite nervous enough to finish it. I also had to answer a question about The Great Gatsby today for my English class involving Gatsby throwing shirts everywhere and Daisy crying. Ay ay ay. I don't know how some upperclassmen at my school take 3-4 AP classes in one year. I can barely survive one AP at a time! Ugh.

Also, I feel like what free time I do have is increasingly bland. I spend most of it playing Minecraft, but I spend most of that time trying to flatten the mountain next to my house or go mining or something like that, because I don't have space to build any proper stuff yet. Oh well. I suppose I'll be able to soon enough. But other than that, I read and work on my site and not much else. But there's not much else that I want to do. I've sadly fell off the writing train again, because I don't have enough time most days. But oh well.

I've gotten slightly interested in politics recently, especially as a career, but I sure as hell don't want to be a lawyer. You've got to go deep into debt, only to go into law, which seems to be an extremely depressing, stressful job. I would like to be a joke candidate for mayor of some city, though, just so I could use the debates as a stand-up show. And since debate audiences normally have to be quiet, nobody could say that my jokes were bad if nobody laughed!

Also, when I woke up this morning, my left hip hurt like hell. I think I slept on it weirdly. But anyway, it hurt all morning and I (fittingly for me) couldn't walk straight. Anyways, it was very much annoying, though thank God it's pretty much better now.

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: GFRIEND - Time for the Moon Night

Today has been such a long day. Thank God, my Human Geo project's due date got pushed back to Tuesday! Also, like half of my teachers are going to be gone tomorrow, chaperoning on a field trip. But of the teachers who aren't going to be gone (my French, English, Latin and precalc teachers) three out of four (all but precalc) are giving some sort of assessment. I have a French exam first period, a tiny Latin quiz second period, and an English quiz sixth period. I'm pretty confident on the first and second, but I'm kind of worried about the third.

We're doing The Great Gatsby and so I have to know the symbols and stuff from what we've read so far, but I'm kind of nervous. I know what the green light and stuff mean, but there's some that I'm unsure on. But luckily, I have time to study!

Also, I've been playing quite a bit of Minecraft. I've been trying to find gunpowder and stuff in order to make TNT and blow up this bighill next to my house, because I need a flatter space to build on. So that's been taking uo a bit of time to do. I also got four dogs! Three by finding them, and (I believe?) one by breeding. (I could've got that one by finding it, I forget.) Anyways, my hosue also has a room with animals in it, and a separate pit with tons of chickens and some hoppers to get lots of eggs. So that's quite noisy!

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

Song of the day: Westlife - Swear It Again

Happy November! I'm so ready for the holiday season. The first signs of the season that I saw was an Old Navy advert on Halloween night. I appreciate the holiday sentiment, but I don't know anyone who likes Old Navy or their ads. But I'm already starting to listen to Christmas songs here and there. And of course, at least one classmate has gotten a bit upset with my holly-jolly attitude, one of those "leave Christmas for the second half of December" types.

Also, I have yet another project for AP Human Geo. This time, he graciously moved the deadline back from Thursday to Friday. And yet, it's still not enough time to do a research project on a particular migration pattern. Thank God, I came up with a good idea to which my partner does not object. (Oh yeah, it's a partner project. Thank God, I also have a decent partner) But as with all Human Geo assignments, there's probably going to be something that totally peeves me to no end. Joy of joys.

Also, this has been a weird week. Both today and yesterday felt like I was at school for 12 hours, and this morning was very weird. I got ready kind of leisurely, until I suddenly realized that I was only finishing breakfast and it was 8:09. (My school starts at 8:30.) So I had to rush, and it was foggy on the way to school, which made for a lovely view (pictured below) but meant that I was a minute or two late because we had to drive slow. Thankfully, I made it to my first-period class on time (at least before attendance).

Anyways, that's about all I have to talk about, so I guess I'll talk to y'all next time. Bye!

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