Blog - May 2021

31-5-2021 - 10:19 PM

So sorry if this is random and short, but MINCHAN'S BACK!

For those of you who are unaware of this whole situation, go check out my Verivery page and my page on Minchan! Minchan's been on hiatus since October due to health issues, but he's back and Verivery can finally perform and do everything with seven members again starting tomorrow!

But yeah, other than that, I've basically been mucking around today (it's a holiday, so my dad is home and I can't film). I've written a bit, but I'm still recovering from finals, so my writing skills and stuff will probably be a bit meh for a while. But yeah, other than that, I don't have much else to update you all on, so I'll talk to you all later!

30-5-2021 - 3:21 PM

So in my unending pit of nostalgia, the past couple of days I redownloaded some Angry Birds games from the App Store. (Side note, I think it's stupid that they removed the older Angry Birds games like the OG one, Angry Birds Space, etc, from the App Store, but thankfully I downloaded them before they got removed.) But anyways, the OG Angry Birds is pretty fun but I love Angry Birds Space. I never remembered it being this fun when I played it when I was younger! I love that you can skip between the different worlds as you like instead of having to go through them linearly, plus the whole aesthetic is so cool!

Also, I've been considering putting a writing section on my site for some short stories and stuff. I've seen a few other sites on Neocities that do that and it's super cool! However, I'd need to write short stories first, considering that most of my writing, at least the recent stuff that's palatable, is a bit of a longer form. But yeah, you might be looking out for that soon, I guess!

Another thing to be looking out for is my vlogs! (I know, great segue.) Last night, I edited the two episodes that I filmed the other day, and though they're different for what I have planned for the rest of the first "season" of episodes (my first stockpile), they're still pretty interesting in my opinion. I might film another episode or two today, but I'm planning to do quite a bit of filming on the weekdays of this next week. Other than writing, working on this site and creating the vlogs, I've also had some time to read finally! I've been able to make some decent progress on the book I'm currently reading, which has been really great. I also got some more Sarah Dessen books from the library, so I'm going to read those once I'm finished with the book I'm reading atm.

But yeah, that's pretty much it! (Summer this year is obv pretty uneventful so far) I'll talk to you all soon!

28-5-2021 - 10:12 PM

School's out for summer! So yesterday, I got out of school. Yesterday was also field day, but thankfully it was rainy so we did it indoors. Double win! And we only had to do a marginal amount of sports, which amounted to dodgeball, which I barely participated in. We also had an activity where my grade went to the cafeteria and the teachers or whoever showed one of those weird 7 Second Riddles videos about crime scene cases. Thanks to my marginal crime-solving skills from watching Murder, She Wrote (and the fact that the teachers made us fill out a multiple choice form) I only got two wrong out of like 20.

But the highlight of the morning, by far, was the half-hour, and later another hour or so where me and my frenemy group played Apples to Apples. My personal best play was when I won the card "rubbery" by saying "The NRA". I also liked the (somewhat bittersweet) part where my frenemies and I went around to get our favourite teachers who won't return next year to sign our yearbooks. This included probably one of my favourite teachers of all time, my old English teacher who inspired me to get into writing, so that was particularly sad for me. But thankfully, though, my Latin teacher gave us some leftover worm-on-a-strings which had been hanging in her room, and I walked awat with two because one frenemy didn't want his, so I took it in. (My first one is named Lizzie, and the other is Charlotte, in case you were wondering, both after Pride and Prejudice.)

My mother and I also took a trip to Target yesterday because I had to buy some new clothes for a get-together an acquaintance of mine is hosting (that was going to be today but was moved right around the time my mother and I got home from Target). But long story short, I insisted on browsing through Target, sidetracking our mission, and found a Britney Spears t-shirt!

So yeah, for that alone, I'd consider the trip a success. Today was my first full day of summer holiday, and I've mostly been relaxing. I finally got some time to write again after not writing for over a week, so that was very welcome! I also finished filming for two new vlog episodes (I'm stockpiling episodes before I start uploading them, I'll tell you all when I do upload them), and I'm going to try and edit them tomorrow. I also had the immense satisfaction of sleeping in until 8:30 (!), something I've been unaccustomed to for quite a few months. I also somehow kept all my A'/raised my B's to A's! So yeah, it's been a pretty great two days. Here's to an even awesomer summer holiday!

26-5-2021 - 5:35 PM

Finals update #2: Sorry I didn't update you guys more this week, but I was super busy. But other than that, finals are final-ly done! I had my history debate this morning, and then got to leave early because I didn't have a final in my other class today (My school has a half-day thing for most of finals week, except for the Friday of the week before when we have our first final. Anyways, my team was somewhat ill-prepared (thanks in no small part to my teacher giving us too little time, as is customary for him, plus the only time we had to prepare after we got our groups was during FINALS WEEK), but somehow we won our debate (my class of 16 split up into two debates, with teams of four each). I somehow got an 83 on my algebra final, which pulled my grade from an 88.3 to an 89.9 somehow, so I narrowly have an A. I also got an A on my physics exam (!) somehow. The only one I feel inconfident about is the aforementioned history debate. I started off oddly confident due to my team winning the debate. However, I was slightly late to turn in my annotated bibliography (ugh) which is worth 50% of our final (UGH!), and then had an awkward e-mail exchange with my teacher about it in which he seemed oddly passive-agressive. But I just hope and pray that I keep my A in history after the final is graded.

The other main thing that's happened in my life in the past couple days is that I finally got a new phone! My old Alcatel was chugging along, nagging at me constantly that its storage was full, and so for my birthday I got an iPhone SE as a gift. It's a welcome upgrade to be able to escape the low-storage complaints, and I finally have a phone with battery life worth a damn. The only thing is that it took ages to get Microsoft Edge on my Mac to sync with my phone, and even then it only did it on its own whim, without me doing anything. But overall, I'm super satisfied with my new phone so far. But most of all, I'm super relieved that finals is over. I finally have free time again! My last day of school is tomorrow, and it's Field Day, probably my least favourite day of the year because I hate team "sports" (aka dumb relay races) with a passion. But at least after that, I'll finally have free time to read and write and work on my site and SLEEP IN FOR ONCE. I've been feeling pretty burnt out recently, so it's amazing to finally be able to do what I want. But yeah, I'm sorry that this post was kinda ranty, but I've just been confused and emotionally tired recently, so yeah, hopefully my next post will be happier. Talk to you all later!

21-5-2021 - 12:40 PM

Finals update #1: I turned in my final assignment for philosophy yesterday, and I think that went pretty well. My French final also took up my first two periods this morning, plus my mid-morning break, so two hours in all. I ended up getting a 98% on it, so that's great! Also, my class pooled together and ordered pizza from Domino's for lunch. Despite some hiccups (another class had ordered the exact same order without either of us knowing, so we thought it was a duplicate yadda yadda yadda our pizza ended up being delayed until almost the end of lunch), we got our pizza (while I was writing this post) and it was great! Honestly, Domino's might have actually just moved up to be my favourite or second favourite pizza place (Papa John's used to be my favourite).

It's also rainy and I got animal crackers for winning a Kahoot in my algebra class, so overall TODAY IS AMAZING!! And then, just when I was about to sign off and publish this, someone ELSE came into my classroom and gave my teacher some cookie cake, and then left the rest for my class to split up amongst the 16 of us. I LOVE TODAY! Anyways, my Latin class is starting soon (it's 1:03 now) so I g2g! Bye!

19-5-2021 - 6:09 PM

The final countdown is about to start, or should I say... the FINALS COUNTDOWN!

Bad pun aside, finals crunch time officially begins tomorrow, as seventh period I have to turn in my philosophy final assignment. I thankfully got my first draft of my English final essay done, and now I only have to revise, and my peer reviewer in class today said that my essay was mostly all right, so I'm almost good to go on that. My physics unit test, which was going to be tomorrow, was thankfully pushed back to our finals period on Monday and our lab that we were going to do then was cancelled, so I have time to study over the weekend. My first official final exam is my French final, which is taking up most of my Friday morning. I'm pretty confident about that, but I'm still going to try and remember to take my French book home tomorrow evening to study.

I also have a history debate during our final period on Wednesday, and I have an annotated bibliography (ugh) due on Friday, which I really should be working on right now, but oh well. I've also been playing the Sims 4 again recently, though thankfully I haven't had enough time to get fully addicted. Also, my birthday is less than a week away, so I've been getting birthday cards and that kind of stuff recently. And finally, the last day of school is going to be on the 27th, and Friday is my last full day of school (Monday through Thursday of next week are half-days.) Thursday is field day, and I have zero clue how we'll do that whilst retaining our social distancing, but oh well. I'll probably avoid participating as best as I can, I've always hated those field day relay races. But anyway, I have to go work on my annotated bibliography (UGH!), so I guess I'll talk to you all later. Bye!

15-5-2021 - 11:17 AM

So a lot has happened in the past few days.

First of all, I've worked some more on my philosophy final assignment, which I really should be doing now, but I just don't feel like it.

Second of all, my school decided for some unknown reason decided to host a semi-formal at some outdoor pavillion, and I somehow decided to go. Basically the whole thing was three hours of food and people dancing with colour-changing strobe lights. At least there was some ABBA and Backstreet Boys music later on, and an Emma Bunton song around the start of the party. I still don't know why I decided to go, but oh well.

Third of all, I just got my first dose of the COVID vaccine about an hour and a few minutes ago, and so far so good! And I'm also getting McDonald's for lunch :)

Finally, of course I've been working more on my new WIP, though I wish that it wasn't finals season so I could work on it some more. BUt such is life, and finals season and this school year will both be over soon enough. So now I have to actually stop being lazy and work on my damn philosophy final, so I'll talk to you all later. Bye!

10-5-2021 - 12:40 PM

So recently, over the past few days I've been watching a ton of YouTube videos by The Internet Investigator, someone who looks into Internet mysteries. For some reason, I hate most horror/creepy stuff, but I love Internet mysteries and stuff. Honestly, I kinda wanna like make some sort of Internet mystery game. I considered using another site I run (though it's pretty inactive) to set one up, and made a couple Geocities sites and stuff to set it up, but it hasn't really came up to much as it would be a ton of committment.

In other news, I finished watching Pride and Prejudice yesterday, and OMG COLIN FIRTH'S MR DARCY IS MY NEW DREAM HUSBAND! (Update: as of 2022, I no longer fawn over Colin Firth. I'm not going to say anymore. 2022 Lizzie out!) (New update: as of 2023, I no longer have my weird grudge against Colin Firth. Again, no more context, LOL. 2023 Lizzie out!)

Ahem. So anyways, it was a super amazing series! Apparently, according to iMDB, the woman who played Dawn in The Office UK was the same person who played Maria.

So back in school type news, one of my least favourite teachers is going to be gone today, so that's always a cause for happiness. But on the other hand, we have a somewhat substantial project for his class due tomorrow and as seems to be the case rather often, we don't have enough time. And it's not even the final project, which we'll probably only have like two weeks to work on. Also, we're getting the prompts for our final essay for English tomorrow, which I'm kind of excited about somehow.

Also, in terms of English, we recently had to do a creative assignment. One group from my class came up with the best idea ever, which I won't say here because I don't want anybody else to steal their idea. My group had to write an alternate ending for Macbeth, which involved dance battles (to the song Money for Nothing), as well as the three witches sarcastically commented while everybody was dance-battling. It was amazing.

But yeah, lunch period is getting pretty close to being over as it's currently 12:53, so bye!

7-5-2021 - 5:52 PM

Welcome to my first blog post in the month of May! It's quickly creeping up on finals season, which means that students worldwide are in deep trouble. Thankfully, some of my teachers have modified it from a normal final to something else. Lots of them did the same last semester, but it seems to be less so this time round. For one, my Latin teacher is making it entirely open book and mostly take home. This is pretty great because my class has learned like 20 bajillion verb tenses and conjugations this year. Also, my philosophy class is probably just going to have a writing assignment, as is my English class, my physics (ugh) final is mostly going to be over this chapter, and my history teacher has floated the idea of a project instead of an exam. Really, the only normal ones out of my classes are French and algebra. I'm pretty great at French class, and I'm good at most of the stuff my algebra class has learned this year, except subtracting rational expressions with fractions and fancy stuff like that.

Also, in the week and a day since my last post, I've finished all the books I was reading then and started to read Victoria by A.N. Wilson. It's pretty good so far!

Also, last night I started watching the BBC Pride and Prejudice miniseries from 1995. *Insert obligatory fawning over Colin Firth as Mr Darcy here* (Update: as of 2022, I no longer fawn over Colin Firth. I'm not going to say anymore. 2022 Lizzie out!) As you all know, I watched The Lizzie Bennet Diaries about a month ago, which is another adaptation of Pride and Prejudice told through vlogs, so it's super interesting to see the different ways that the same plot plays out in different time periods.

Anyways, yadda yadda I'm gonna go read, this blog was brought to you by viewers like you. Thank you and goodbye!

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