This page is still under construction. When it's finished, I intend to list my biases for all the different k-pop groups I like. Check back soon, in hopes that I remember this page exists and finish it!

Who I'll put here: Dongheon from Verivery! (he's so dreamyyyy), Sunny from Girls' Generation, Tony from HOT, Donghae from Super Junior, Bada from SES

Lee Dongheon - Verivery

Behold, my ultimate bias! Also probably the best rapper I've ever heard. And though him singing is pretty rare, it's always a treat! :D Dongheon wasn't always my bias (I think I've cycled through just about every member as my bias and/or bias wrecker at this point, LOL), but at some point something about him just started really appealing to me! Maybe it's partially because he's so dreamy :)

Sunny (Lee Soonkyu) - Girls' Generation

Honestly, Sunny has one of the most beautiful voices that I've ever heard, but she barely gets any lines! :( I kind of wish she'd release a solo album, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem like she wants to do one, so I'll support her anyways. Also gender envy

Tony Ahn - H.O.T.

I haven't really listened to much of H.O.T.'s music so far (though I really want to), but from what I've listened to so far, Tony is definitely my favourite! I really love his voice! Especially in Candy :) Plus, he was pretty handsome in his H.O.T. days. BTW shoutout to Jake from Jake's 90s Land for introducing me to H.O.T. and Tony!

Bada (Choi Sunghee) - S.E.S.

Again, I haven't listened to a tonne of S.E.S., but I've listened to quite a bit, and Bada stands out as one of the best vocalists that I've heard in my life! Seriously, how is she such a good singer?!?

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