This page is still under construction. When it's finished, I intend to list my biases for all the different k-pop groups I like. Check back soon, in hopes that I remember this page exists and finish it!

Who I'll put here: Dongheon from Verivery!, Sunny from Girls' Generation, Tony from HOT, Donghae from Super Junior, Bada from SES

Lee Dongheon - Verivery

Behold, my ultimate bias! Also probably the best rapper I've ever heard. I mean, I'm not normally a rap person, but his flow and power make me love rap, and his voice pairs and contrasts really well with that of Verivery's other rapper, Hoyoung. And though Dongeheon singing is pretty rare, it's always a treat! :D Also, he's funny (look at the courtroom episodes of Chaotic Veriveryland for proof) and dreamy! :) Dongheon wasn't always my bias (I think I've cycled through just about every member as my bias and/or bias wrecker at this point, LOL), but at some point something about him just started really appealing to me!

Sunny (Lee Soonkyu) - Girls' Generation

Honestly, Sunny has one of the most beautiful voices that I've ever heard, but she barely gets any lines! :( Her voice is really cute and refreshing, and so underrated. I kind of wish she'd release a solo album, but from what I've seen it doesn't seem like she wants to do one, so I'll support her anyways. Also gender envy

Tony Ahn - H.O.T.

I haven't really listened to much of H.O.T.'s music so far (though I really want to), but from what I've listened to so far, Tony is definitely my favourite! I really love his voice! Especially in Candy :) There's just something about it (perhaps I might call it smoothness? IDK) that really appeals to me. BTW, shoutout to Jake from Jake's 90s Land for introducing me to H.O.T. and Tony!

Bada (Choi Sunghee) - S.E.S.

Again, I haven't listened to a tonne of S.E.S., but I've listened to quite a bit, and Bada stands out as one of the best vocalists that I've heard in my life! I mean, seriously, how is she such a good singer?!? And furthermore, even 20 years after their debut, in their special reunion album, she managed to sound even better! I wish I could sing like her!

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