Thoughts on Smartphones

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It seems today... everybody... has some compulsive urge to Tik Tok, Snapchat or tweet... but where are those good, old-fashioned phone calls on which we used to relyyyyyyy?

Tap, tap tap. Tweet, tweet, tweet. Scroll, scroll, scroll. That's all it is nowadays, isn't it? Everyone constantly strives to fill dead space with some smartphone game or some meme. The morning commute, where people used to people watch? Now, they go on Instagram. The time between classes at school, when students would chat at their lockers? Now, they make Tik-Toks. (True story. The younger kids at my school are constantly making Tik-toks between classes in the hallway. It's about as annoying as it sounds.) Instead of looking around as they walk around somewhere, they have their noses in their phones playing some game where you try to get the biggest butt implants.